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I. Out o� tne net income fram said trust estate, and commencing <br /> o;ze r.icnth after date of appointment and qualification of mL Trustees, <br /> cr as scen thereafter as sufficient income is available, rny Trustees <br /> snall pa;r tc my daugriter, T�Iary Evelyn Rurup, the sum of �00.�0 per <br /> mcnti� fcr sc l�ng as she lives. If her whereabouts are unkn�wn at <br /> ��at ti�e t.�en su�h monthly z�ayments shall not commence until r�y <br /> Trustees n��e been advised thereof. These payments shall not be <br /> cu�u�.ative. ?'�i�r Trus�ees are r.ot requireci to make any efforts to lc�cate <br /> her. If 'r:_er �,vhereabcu�s be�ome knoTan and payments are com_nenced anci <br /> thereafte-r sh� sr�oui.d fai� to advise my Trustees ��f her :ahereabc�uts or <br /> ad��ress, rry� ^'z aste�s sr�all cease payments to her ana she shall <br /> fcrfeit �ii �iCrts theretc ��uring s�.��h pericd. . <br /> i�. :;�.sc c., � c:_ *.,r.e inceme �ro:� sai� tru�t est.a.; - , <br /> a��a _.lsc. �o���..:�r;;in� cr.e n;cnt?: aiter dat� cf appeint:�ent or <br /> qua�iii;:at;on cf . r `�'r}astees, cr as sc�on thireaiter as s�.�i�icient <br /> 1=i�:i'"�_' 1S a'vc�112'Jic� !!1�i "'Y'UStE2S S=:a�.l �c'�Z� i0 C"zl SCI7' c.�c�Tfl�'S <br /> WJ�b'c, Jr. , �.n� s���^; e� .�17C.OG per �o�-:th icr so ?on� as he s��1= <br /> li�,-�. <br /> I=_. �f ._„ ��. ;T �i:-a v reasen c�f i�lness, a�,.,=, _�ir�.r�nit?r <br /> � ..yv_ ,,r;��:;. o^ trc•� �ie �_.�a+iinP either :�:y son,y�a�,�.es, cY !�_�� <br /> :��a.�:�_ �er, �:a-r r, ._�r _rust2es, t:^eir su�cesscr ._ su:,:es5r.,r•s i.r. <br /> t � r �;,ie 4tg ;��t, „_s�retier: an� cpirioi7 �eF:~ it,' aavisa^,� �� <br /> a:':'.� ='e�l. � .s�i=ie� ir a:ivancir� ada�tienal su�ns to cr~ in neral�' <br /> c_ e�t�-e� o� �::em ��� =rus��Qes s;:al� ~.are ar.�pli::at.icn �c t:l<� <br /> - _ - - _ <br /> �C?�IY'� i=2V1:':�" ,�'.l�1SQ1���G?"i C� i,fi2 i,i'1,15� PStatE� 8.]':i� ur)02� 'Ji.^CJe=' <br /> sh;��i::f, �e�n;- ma;::e, trP ucur� :.�aT- a�a��:arize ad;�ional ra�--�ent.s <br /> C� aui%�::�'�,S L.iI' S'�i��. p1iT':�GSES lI'_^�:ll«?1`�, t..rl� <br /> ' •' � � ai"iG 1 _ � T�IAi J'QSE: <br /> �7 ..i ..�U1�`c�'':1r..+� i,C'_E.'�'?C'i'� '.ti�':1C:r? Or'�2i C=' t'i2"t:j.1I1�'_ S.'.8�1 DE; �;]_�%C-'i� <br /> `l�:t�� Sc?'!:8 f'Cir'.^,E 3:1Q E?1 i�CT, 2,S t.�"1011�,i'? SbQC1f1Cc31.1.TJ 1i)i G:rluE?0' i'�::_ <br /> r1F�1��in. Upor? caeat�;. o� �,n;- son, Ja:r:es, or my dau,�nter, ��_ar}r, i::' <br /> ei.tfier :as not suificier.t estate �'cr pavment o� qroper bur�i�1. <br /> expenses, my lrustees, theiz� successcrs and assigns ar� c��ar�ed <br /> svith trie �iuty ef payin� tne reasenable expenses thereef out of_ � <br /> the trust estate. Hny suc:� addit�cnal payrnents authcrizea unuer <br /> tf:is suosce��ion snall first be pai�x cut cz accu�ulated inccrr.e, <br /> if any is available in the cpinion of the Trustees, otner�.�rise <br /> out c� the �crpus �f the trust. <br /> IV, lf eitner rny son, �ames, or my daughter, iviary, or any <br /> p�rscn legally entitled to act in their behalf or either of <br /> �:neY�, s'r�all commence, institute or presecute any contest cf <br /> t?zis, my Last �dill ard Testament, or file any claim against rny <br /> estate, or my Trustees, or their successor or successors, then <br /> i� that event I. hereby revoke that portion cf the provisions of <br /> this G'uill and trust herein created made in his or her benalf, <br /> and direct my sen, James, or my daugnter, I�iary, as the case may be, <br /> so involved, or in whose benalf or nar�e such action is taken, <br /> snall receive nothing further from my estate from the date <br /> such contest proceedin�s are instituted or claim is filed. <br /> U. After the trust is in effect, my Trustees shall re�ort <br /> all income, expenses and distribution at least once annually to <br /> the court. The court shall allow reasonable compensation to rny <br /> Tr�ustees. If in the sole discretionary judgment of the court <br /> there then remains sufficient net income to make additional <br /> distributions of accumulated income after providing a reasona'ole <br /> reserve for contingencies ancl for operating and managing the <br /> trust property and estate, consistent with sound business <br /> practices and giving consideration to the powers set forth in <br /> _�._ <br /> � <br />