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Howevei, if all �roperty specifically devised to her under sazr� <br /> precedin.g �aragraphs, together with property which passes or <br /> passed to her outside of this �ill, does not equal in value the <br /> maxiYnum amount allowable to her as a marital deductien, she sha11 <br /> receive from my estate such additional amount as will giva to r�er <br /> propert� of a value fbased on values accepted for estate tax pu.rposes) <br /> equal to her maximum marital deduction. Any property she might <br /> eventuallv receive under the provisions of the ELEVENTH paragrapi� oi <br /> this will sh.a11 not be considered in computing the marital d�duction <br /> since this is contingent upon her being alive wheri t'_�e trust estate <br /> �erminates. <br /> N INTH <br /> I give, devi_se and bequeath to my daughter, Jessie VJzlliarnson, <br /> �,:i� rcal estate described as Lc� Seven (7) ar�d Eignt (&) , �3lock Sixty <br /> (60) , �riginal Town, now City of Grand Island� Hall County, AIebraska, <br /> ��ith a�__1 rights under part,T wall agreements and contract easements in <br /> effc:;t, to have and ta hold the forever. <br /> TENTH <br /> Out of the balance and residue of my estate, incl_uding a_Ll real <br /> estate anci p ersonal propertf of every naturey I have directed �.y <br /> k;xec�zt�rs to pa�r tlle items set forth ir. the FIi�.ST paragraph o_E' this <br /> �.;d�_1_!a In this connection, and in arranging for and making pa;,�ment of <br /> said it,�ms, if my Executors deem it advisable and in the best irtere4ts <br /> o� r,1y estate !including the trust es�ate hereinafter created� an�� c.� <br /> rnf beneficiari�s, or as operating capital, or ior expenses cr :.�es�rves, <br /> they may do s�, and ii the remainder of my personal prcperty ��rith <br /> �ccurnulations of net income during pendency of probate �rocee��ings <br /> is then net sufficient to pay all tr�e items ir. said rIRST par�.�raph <br /> set fex°th and the specific cash bequests hereinabav�e made, or othei <br /> pay.ment s to be made during the pendency of probate or trust ��xecee��ngs, <br /> or either, they ar� he.rewith granted iull right an� autnorzi:,y to eithe.r <br /> sell or mortgage sl.zcn porticns of the real estate not specificalltt <br /> devised as in their opinion woula be necessarrr cr advisable icr triat <br /> purposc, �ri.thout first a�taining leave or licens� irom any court, Sa.les <br /> rnay be at �ub�ic or private sale as deemed advisable by t'r�em, and any� <br /> o� my �xecutors can be purchasers of the property �v'�en solda <br /> ELEVEN TH <br /> Al� uhe rest, residue and remainder cf my estate, (r.c�t snecificall_�,T <br /> devised ar required to carry out the feregoing prcvisions) , includiiz� <br /> both real estate and personal property, whether no�,� ovvned by me or <br /> ne:reafter acquired, and wheresoever situated, and any accumulaticr.s <br /> rluring administration, not otherwise used, or dis�osed �i by this <br /> Vdill, all of which shall constitute the trust estate, 1 give, d.evise <br /> ard bequeath unto �ny wife, Eva Webb, my daughter, Jessie �Vill.iamson$ <br /> and A. J. Luebs, as trustees, and to their successors er successo�s <br /> in trust, upon trust and for the purposes herein set fcrtha <br /> To receive, take, hold, manage and control the same as <br /> soon as may be convenient after the time of r�y death, an,d far• so <br /> lnng as r�y dau�hter, Mary Evelyn Rurup, and my scn, James b;ebb, Jr. , <br /> sl�all liv�. <br /> �3, � <br />