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'�si, <br /> i�r�� <br />!� <br /> F� <br />�� <br /> i.t n <br />,r,�� <br />:`5 <br />'.�� <br /> � bc�nd, th�ie aalcing the aatua2 cash t�aleriae rro�r on hand tY� su� of <br /> �1,fi86.63. Atter deduoting the a�bove azea�utor'e fees, the r�- <br /> msinder of the di g'Cribut3ve ahare gning to E�aeeius �. Con(ger, Luny <br /> Brown, Julia �. �teTens and BerniQe 9orsnaen, ie the �um o2' <br /> � _3 �7• �8 � , ea�oh. <br /> 9. This eetate has been duly apFrgise8 !'or inheritance <br /> tax p�.zrr�oses, e►nd thia Caurt entered an order on December 3I, 1953, <br /> finding :hat neither this es�a'�� nor any of its hei�s or benePici- <br /> �ries, are sub�eat to tne payment o4 e3ther a Nebraaka 9tate Inherit- <br /> ana� T�.z or a Federal Eetate �tax, and suah finding la now aanfir¢�ed. <br /> IT IS, THEREFORk�, OR�FtE�, �I�TI3D4ED AND DECR��D t3X 'FFiE <br /> � <br /> GOURT th�,t the Yinal aocaund snd final report filed herein ay I <br /> ���r8rd H. ra.ine, Jr. , exeautor aY the estate of Caesiu� R, Cong�r, <br /> I <br /> cl�eessed, �.th the one sdd3tional itsm und�r aaah reoeipte oP �6.25, � <br />:a;; <br />��` and the one adciitional item undar diebure�mente of �4.52, be sncl the <br /> I <br /> e�me herei�� is in all re�apecta ap�roved, settled, oonfirmed and I <br /> allo�e�. �or ths tinal acc�unt of the �aid exeoutor. � <br /> I�i' IS FU�`i'H�R OR�RED, AIafUD��D Ai�i➢ U�CREFD BY THL COUR3' �� <br /> ,i <br /> t ha� �i v� a1�im� have been Qi le�� again et sai d e Bt st e, r�hi ch have �, <br /> �11 been du3.y a1lo�ed and 'naae heen paid in Pull; that all expenses <br /> fQr the la�� illneee and fun�ra]. of the sald deoeased have b�en p�ld <br /> in Pu1.i; th�.t s1Z probate costs, ineluding publieation Pees, h��e � <br />'� been �a��.d in �i21 to Charl�a Bossert, County Jud�� �� ��11 Cc�unty, ' <br /> I <br /> 23ebrs�s�a; ��.�t sll ��torney�' Pee� l�;.ve been paSd in rull to �'aine 6c i <br /> Patn�, At'Gorneys, tar thegr eervi�s� he�rein; th�t there should be i� <br /> pald to Hsy€�rd H. ;��, Jr., e�ec�utvr, tk�e sum ot �oZ7.f'o. , <br /> aa ex�Qu�Cor' � te�a� �r►d e��enses hera�in; that �n order �rae en��red <br /> by �hi� Cou�� c�n It�rc�h 19, 3953, t`arever bsrri.r�g ar►y► ala3m� again�t <br /> ,�, �aid e���t�, o�herr tha�n the :�iv+� alaia�� f'l3ed �i'C�i4.n t�e time a13.a�w�d <br /> by law; snd, th�►t a1��. per�e►n� barir�� o1s�.�� d�ainet �aid e�tate nc�t <br />��t;� <br /> ��, filed vai�hin the t3�s fiated b�► �he CSc�ur�, i� any 'Cher+s be, �.r� her�hy <br />,,,; <br /> %' fc�rever b�.rred exdlud�d at�d ern a��e� �"�pm ����ir� <br />;az: , ,� � � or a��ertln� <br />�"' an,� vlaims wha���ver a���i.n�� ��,3��! e�t��e. <br />�F� <br />�; I�' IS P`tIRTI�ER QRIJ�R)��i, ALk3U�� d�11� �CR�l3 BY 'PI�L t'AtJ�T <br />�,�;; <br />��` t�i�:t �as�ius R. f�irt asssd a�r�t� t�►e��t13s t�r]�,i1� t <br />�� f.�' P , +�Po�'s�'11� �ai t- <br />�`�:°� <br />�;� <br /> 4�� �..�- <br /> x,� <br />�b � <br /> �1'�. ..� .. ... <br /> �� <br />