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_ __ _ _ _ _ . <br /> �: <br /> 4 <br /> Y <br />� <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF <br /> CASSIUS R. CONGER <br /> KN049 ALL MEN BY THE,3E PRESENTS: That I, Cassius R. <br /> Conger, being a resident of, ,�nd having legal domicile in Grand <br /> Island, H�11 County, Nebraska, and being of sound and disposing <br /> mind and memory, do hereby ma:ke, publish and declare this instru- <br /> ment to be my LAST 4aILL AND T:ESTAMENT. <br /> l. I wish to state that I am a widower, my beloved wife , <br /> &iyrtle May Conger, having predeceased me in death on October 26, <br /> 1951. <br /> 2. I hereby cancel, revoke and annul all prior wills <br /> and codicils made by me at any time heretofore. <br /> 3• I hereby direct that the expenses of my last illness <br /> and my zuneral expenses be paid as soon as practicable af'ter my de- <br /> cease. <br /> 4.. I hereby appoint Bayard H. Paine , Jr. , of Grand Island, <br /> Nebraska, as executor of this my last will. In tne event that he <br /> .t'azls to qualify, or cease5 to serve , as such executor, then I here- <br /> by appoint Charles B. Paine , of Grand Island, Nebraska, as executor <br /> of' this my last will. <br /> 5• I hereby grant to my executor, whether named herein or <br /> not, full power and authority, in his sole and absolute aiscretion, <br /> to sell, or otherwise clispose of any or all of the real or personal <br /> propelty oi" my estate, publicly or pi•ivately, or wholly or partly on <br /> creai�, subject, however, to the approval of the Court having juris- <br /> diction over my estate, and I grant to such executor, authority to <br /> pay legacies and to aivide or ciistribute the amounts to whicn the <br /> nene.t'iciaries hereinaiter namea may be entitlea, in kind or in money, <br /> or partly in each, or ny way of undivideci interest, and t'or such pur- <br /> pose, the values .t'ixea by my �execu�tor shall be conclusive. In the <br /> event that one or more of the beneiiciaries is under the age of <br /> Page 1 o.t' my LA�T WILL AND TE;STAMENT Cassius R. Con�er <br /> Witnesses Initials M M J C B P B.H.P. Jr. <br /> / <br /> . <br />