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, _a_ , <br /> The Court further finds that said Nancy B. 5wanberg's husband,Emil �. ��anberg� <br /> predeceased her, that she had no cY�ild er children and that her parents predeceased a <br /> her, and that she ieft surviving hsr as her heirs arxi only t�eirs a� la� her sisters, <br /> Elaine A. King� Bessie Bolger Hoason and �Vora Bolg�r and her broth�r, Eduarc� Stephen <br /> BOlger, �nd that her �isters and brother are all of legal age. <br /> The Coust furth�r finds that by th� terms and prawfsiuns of th� Last Vrill attldd <br /> Testar�ent of Nancy B. Swanberg, deceased all of h�r e�tate, rEa2, personal or tuixsd <br /> �ft�r p�ym�nt of debts, speci�l ber�uests, fun�r�2 expenses an� costs of admin3stration <br /> �aas�ed and dascended to h�:r siste:r, Elaine B. King. <br /> T��e Ca�rt further fin�s that F.laine [3. King as sole heiz and legatee has taken <br /> possession o� the reat ancl personal propE.rty o►�ned by the said Nancy B. Swanberg at <br /> tht� time af her death, <br /> The Court further fin<:s that the said :�ancy B. 3wanberg died seized in fee simple <br /> oF the follo��ing described real estate: <br /> The Southerly Fifty-t+�o feet {52') of Lat On� (1) in Block Fourt�er► f14) <br /> in Schim::ers Ad;�ition t� the City of Gra� �Ialand, Hall County, �3ebraska. <br /> and that the above described real estat� passed and descended to claine B. King in feF. <br /> The Court further finds that all claims have been paid, incluciing funeral ex�,enses, <br /> and the� costs of these proceeding�; that ti-�e special bec�Uests as provide3 for in said <br /> Last d��i11 and Testau�nt have been paid; tha� no Fedea�l �state 7ax or �tate Inheritance <br /> Tax i� due from any of the devisees; that the Ex�cutrix has taken over ;ossession of <br /> th� real an� personal prop�rty, '�eing sole heir; that the estate shculd be closed, the <br /> Executrix discharged an�.i her �aond released. <br /> IT I�, T't's�hEFU:-:E, GK-�E_�-�Et�, �i1.TUli�� ,+f�ii II�C"s3Et�D i�Y TH:.� C�._l:�T, ti�at the Final Report <br /> of saic� Elaine 3. King as Execvtrix of the Last �diil anc� resta�n�nt of Nancy B. 5va�nberg� <br /> dece�sed, be, and the same is hereby approved and alioned as t;ar �inal ReFort; that said <br /> �state is hereby settled ar�d closed and the Executrix discharged and hes bc:nd as such <br /> r�l�ased. <br /> II Iv FU:iTEi:_r f�iit��RE�:3, t�llJLiluE� r+�au ucCitE�:i� BY Tfi� GGtittT, that notices �bere sent to <br /> all the known creditors of the said IYancy B. 8wanberg. Thai all of the claims against <br /> hex estate hafe be:n paict anc' the baiance of eash an�l other p�rso:� 1 property has �i�en <br /> delivered by saia Executrix ta herself. <br /> I'I I� FtJeiTH:.:�d G:tU�:KLLi, ,;uJU:.vcU ,v;v� uECr�EE� �� Ih� G:Ui�T, that the rNal estate <br /> o�,raed by the deceased at the time of her death, to-rrit: <br /> The 5outherly Fifty-tw�o fect (52') of Lot One (1) in Block Faurteen (14) <br /> in �chimmers �dditicn ta the City of Grand Island, Fiall C:�unty, Idebraslca <br /> pa�sed and deseendEd by the t�rms and conditions vf saic� i,ast tdi11 and T�stament to <br /> Elaine B. Eting. <br /> � <br />