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, � <br /> t��x:',,.. <br />�{;�` <br /> -2- <br /> before the court, the only suoh person the peti�ioner hsrein, <br /> and the court may dispense t�rith any further notice ax�d proceed to <br /> make a determination of whether or not eny inheritance tax is due. <br /> A waiver signed by Loretta Marie Windle and Dorothy Margaret Shaw <br /> has b�en entered in these proeeedings expresely waivingnotice upon <br /> the� to show cause why a deterr�ination ehauld not be made, that there <br /> is inheritance tax due and owing in th�s eetate, and of the tisne and <br /> place of hearin� the foregoing petition, and both have entered their <br /> voluntary appearance in this cause and waive persanal eervice of <br /> notice of said h�aring or any continuation of such hearing upon them <br /> in this cause. <br /> zv. <br /> ��t the time of her death, the said Elizabath J. Muller owned <br /> ,jointly with her husband, August P. I+�iuller, as �oint te��ts and nat <br /> as tenants in cammon with rigrit of survivorship, the fa�� �wirg des- <br /> cribed praperty to-wit: <br /> 1. The East Half (E�) of the Northwest Quarter (hVd� ) <br /> and the Northr�est Quarter of the Southe�st �uarter <br /> (NYY�t4SE�) of Section Thirty-Six (36 , in Town�hip <br /> N <br /> Thirteen (13? North, Range Nine (9 , Weet of th� <br /> btk� P.M. , in How�rd County, PIebrasks, which pro- <br /> perty, at the time of the death of the decedent, <br /> had a fair market value of �25,OOG.00, <br /> �. Lot Seven (7) in Bloek Qne Hundred Twgn�y-Two {122) <br /> in Unian Pacific Railway tlomgany's Secand Ad�ition <br /> to Grand Island, in Hall County, Neb�aska, which <br /> property, at the time of the death of' the deceder.t, <br /> had a fair market valua of �2�,Oa0.430, <br /> 3. fihe Southerly Fvr�p�E�' k�t Fse� (S�.$� ) of' Lot Five <br /> (5) in Bloek Eighteen�l�} in H. G. Clark�s Addi- <br /> tion to th� City of Gr�nc� I�iand� in Hal.l County� <br /> Piebra�ka, and which property �€�nati�C�ted thhe home- <br /> st��.d of th� petitionsr and �sa3d dec�sdent a� the <br /> tim� of he� d�a�h,and whiah propert�� at th� time <br /> of th� d�ath qf th� €�e�edent, h�►d a fair m�..rk�t <br /> v�J.ue �f �10,t3pU.�q, <br /> i�. Lv� �3rae Hundr�c� E�.�;h�y-at��i ��.�1) in We�t La�m, an <br /> �ddi�ion �o th� Cityaf �r�z�d I�l�uad, in �I�11 C4untY, <br /> I��bra�ka, �h��.+oh prt�p���y, �� �h� tima� of �Gh� dsa�h <br /> c�f �h� �.���d�n�,k�ad a �ai.r m�rl��� w��.u� of �7,Ot�.Uf7. <br /> �hs ��urt �`t�thsr �ix�d� �Gh�t 9n��-ha1f c�f t�i� �on��dera�irr� for <br /> �h� �'�+�v�-a��n�i��ed prcaper�� wa� �►dva���d �►u� of �� �ep���te� f"ur�d� <br /> at�� �e��ra�� ����►t� a� �$�d �l���b+rt� J. �.l+�r. <br /> 'Th� �ourt f'3.�ci� t�� t�h+� F+��1,s�n� ��+�� sh<�l+d b� ir��3.�dec1 , <br /> 3.� full in t�+� �o�gu�a��.€�a �f i�h���.�a��� ��ac �i �hiao ¢a���t <br /> ; <br /> Y : <br />