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_ _ . <br /> ,. <br /> ;� <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> . OF <br /> LENA BRANDT <br /> I, Lena. Brandt, of Cairo, Hall County, Nebraska, being <br /> of sound mind and disposing memory, do make , publish and declare <br /> this instrument to be my last Will and Testament, and I revoke <br /> any and all former Wills by me made. <br /> I. <br /> First, I direct my just debts, funeral expenses, and <br /> expenses of last illness and costs of administe�ing my estate , being <br /> first paid from my estate. <br /> II. <br />� Second, I give, devise and bequeath all of my furniture <br /> i <br /> and personal effects; and possessions to my beloved daughter, Alice <br /> Rasmussen, in fee simple absolute , and for the very special reason <br /> that I have made my home with my beloved dau�hter. <br /> III. <br /> Third, I give, devise and bequeath to my beloved son, <br /> uJilliam Brandt, or in the event he predeceases me, then to my beloved <br /> daughter-in-law, Lucille Brandt, the North 100 acres of the West one- <br /> half of Section Five, Township 12,North, Range 11, VJest of the 6th <br /> P.M. , Hall County, Nebraska , including the irrigation well either <br /> thereon or adjacent thereto, subject, however, to a charge of One <br /> Thousand Five Hundred and No/100 ($1,500.00) Dollars, in favor of my <br /> beloved grandson, Myron Louis Brandt, such charge to be paid within <br /> two and one-half years after the date of my death. <br /> IV. <br /> Fourth, I give, devise and bequeath all of the West one-half <br /> of Section Five , except the aforesaid northerly 100 acres thereon in <br /> Township 12, North, Range 11, West of the 6th P.m. Hall County, Nebraska , <br /> L.B. <br /> ��� <br />