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�.,�� ,�____- ,:T .. . �.._.� w- . ,.� <br /> .�- .�_ <br /> 'k . . . . . . � .. - � . . . - � . . .. . � <br /> able, or it may be sold by such beneficiary and ths proceeds used <br /> for the benefit of said church in Grand Island, Nebraska. If said ; <br /> Church is not in existence in Grand Island, Nebraska, at the time � F <br /> a <br /> of my death, then this bequest shall go to its successor church ; <br /> :� <br /> in said City.; :and if there is no such successor church then in exis- � <br /> ,, <br /> tence in Grand Island, Nebraska, then this bequest shall go to the ��� <br /> z <br /> Nebraska Conference of the Wesleyan Methoaist Church of America, <br /> a corporation, with their home off'ice in Lincoln, Nebraska, and,if <br /> such conference is not then in existence, then to the Wesleyan <br /> Methodist Church of America, a corporation, whose general confer.ence l <br /> � <br /> headquarters are now located at 330 East Ondaga Street, in Syracuse <br /> 2, New York. <br /> 7. My executor shall have the absolute right, in his sole <br /> discretion, to give away for charitable or religious purposes any <br /> or all of my non-income producing personal property, such as house- <br /> hold i�urnishings and clothing, or he may sell the said p�operty, <br /> at public or. private sale, and with or without notice, and add the <br /> net proceeds to the residue of my estate, and if there is any such <br /> property remaining, it shall be divided among the three benet"iciaries <br /> set out in Paragraph 8, hereof, as my executor, in his sole judg- ° <br /> ment, determines to be for the best interests of my estate. <br /> 8. I give, devise and bequeath, absolutely and in t'ee <br /> simple , all of the rest, resiaue and remainder of my property and <br /> estate of which I may die seizeci or possessea, or over which I may <br /> have the power of disposition or appointment, or to which I may be <br /> entitled, including real, persona.l and mixeci property, of every kind <br /> whatsoever and wheresoever situated, to Mary Fishburn Balestro, my � <br /> niece, of Avon, Connecticut, Reva Montgomery, my stepaaughter, of <br /> Ballinger, Texas, and Wayne Dean, my stepson, of Warsaw; Missouri, <br /> share and share alike, provideci they are living at the time of my � <br /> aeath. In the event any of said three specif'ically namea persons, '? <br /> 4, <br /> Mary Fishburn Balestro, Reva Montgomery or Wayne Dean, are not liv= �' <br /> �� <br /> ing at the time of' my- death, but are survived by lawt'ul descenaants � <br /> „,i. <br /> who are then living, then such person's share shall not lapse, �ut � <br /> �;� <br /> tt,�: <br /> �, <br /> Page 3 oi' mp Last Will and Testament Catherine F Dean �'�' <br /> Ms,., <br /> Witnesses Initials J J B C B P B.H.P. Jr. �' <br /> 3'. <br />