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��'�,x�a��,�� . � � � _ ` '- " ��U, <br /> , :,�. ... � . . . , — t� ,A <br /> .. . ��F�,',', <br /> I �.-, <br /> ;}.: <br /> t <br /> y <br /> r' <br /> i, <br /> i:.:�� � � <br />� ion with the administration, management and distribution o� m� es- <br />( <br />� tate, and to do any other things which I might do, if living, in <br /> addition thereto. Any payment or distribution may be made either <br /> directly to the beneYiciaries entitled thereto, regardless of hi:s <br /> or her age at the time, or amy be paid or distributed to any other <br /> person, f'irm, corporation or institution, for such beneficiaries, <br /> direct or indirect ber�ef'it. All of said powers are to be broadly <br /> construed and are to be exercised in the sole discretion of the <br /> person who serves as executor, but expressly shall be subject to <br /> the approval of the Probate Court having jurisdiction over my estate. <br /> 5. I give and bequeath to Daniel W. Fishburn, my nephew, <br /> of North Platte, Nebraska, the stam of THREE HUNDRED & No/100 DOLLARS <br /> ($j00.00) , provided he is living at the time of my death, and in <br /> the event that he is not then living, then his share in my estate <br /> shall lapse and shall pass as a part of the residue of my estate. <br /> 6. I give, devise and bequeath, absolutely and in fee <br /> simple, the property in which I am now living at q17 West �velfth <br /> Street, in Grand Island, Nebraska, and which is described as follows, <br /> namely: <br /> The Idortherly Eight (N $0' ) feet of the �ollow- <br /> ing described tract of ground: Fractional Lot <br /> Four (i�) , in Fractional Block Forty-nine (49) , <br /> in Russel Whesler's Addition, and its comple- � <br /> ment, to-wit: Fractional Lot Four (4) , in Frac- <br /> tional Block Six (6) , in Gilbert's Addition, <br /> both be-ing additions to the City of Grand Island, <br /> Nebraska, being a rectangular tract of ground <br /> having a Northerlp frontage of Fifty-two and <br /> � eight-tenths (52.E�) feet on Twelfth Street in <br /> said City and a depth of eight ($0) feet; <br /> to the Nebraska Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of America, <br /> a corporation, with their home office at Li�coln, Nebraska, with this <br /> express provision, that it shall be . used in its entirexy by the <br /> Wesleyan Methodist Church in Grand Island, Nebraska, which is now <br />; . <br />� located at 1520 North Ruby Avenue, in said City. It is my desire, <br /> u `but it is not mandatory, that such property shall be used as a par- <br />� <br /> sonage by sueh church, or it, may be used in any other way and for <br />� <br /> any other purposes that the' Official Board of said church deems desir- <br /> Page 2 of my Last' Will and Testament Cather�ne F Dean <br /> Witnesses Initials :J J B : C B' P B.H.P. Jr. <br /> , �y--- <br />