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. <br /> :_ _ . '• <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF <br /> CATHERINE F. DEAN <br /> KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That I, Catherine F. <br /> Dean, a widow, being a reside� of, and having legal domicile in, <br /> Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, and being of sound and dis- <br /> posing mind and memory, do hereby make, publish and declare this <br /> instrument to be myLast Will and Testament. <br /> l. I hereby cancel, revoke and annul all prior wills <br /> and codicils made by me at any time hereto.t'ore. <br /> 2. I direct that the expenses of my last illness and my <br /> funeral expenses be paid as soon as practicable after my decease. <br /> 3. I hereby appoint Bayard H. Paine, Jr. , and Charles <br /> B. Paine, or either of them, of Grand Island, Nebraska, as exscutors <br /> of my estate. In the event that both of such persons f'ail to qualify, � <br /> or cease to serve, then I direct that the Court having jurisdiction <br /> over my estate shall select and appoint such executor or executrix. ' <br /> The Court shall t"ix such bond or surety as it deems fair and reason- <br /> able. The executor, executors, administrator with will annexed, or <br /> other legal representative of my estate , whether singular or plural, <br /> and whether male, female or corporate, shall hereaf'ter be referred <br /> to generally in the masculine singular as my executor. <br /> 4• I hereby authorize and empower my executor, whether <br /> specifically named herein or not, to renew existing obligations, <br /> to compromise any claims, and to sell, exchange, convey, transfer, <br /> assign, mortgage, pledge, lease, rent, invest or reinvest, the whole, <br /> or any part, of my real or personal estate, in any manner, to any <br /> extent, upon any terms, and without being limited to legal or statu- <br /> tory investments for fiduciaries, and to have all of the powers <br /> granted to fiduciaries under law, and to perform all or any other <br /> acts, and to execute all or any instruments, and to do any and all <br /> other things, which my executor deems necessary or desirable in connect- <br /> ';; <br /> Page 1 of my Last Will and Testament Catherine F Dean <br /> Witnesses Initials J J B C B P B.H.P. Jr. <br /> � <br /> �; <br /> „ / <br /> � .,u,..,;..,.� _ ,. .��; <br /> , ,>, ., . .._. � . . .. . ,: ,. _. . . : � . _. .,.�,� . �.�r., ,�.�,:..h., ..F, <br />