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. ''�w <br /> • 1� <br /> ,.� <br /> �� <br /> � � � � � � � � � � � `;t <br /> , �r� <br /> �. <br /> � <br /> � ��ti <br /> II� THE COUNTY COURT (7F HALL CO�NTY, NEBRASYA �� <br /> I�� '�'d� I4�tTT�R 0'r' �'HE ESTATE ) <br /> t3F � � E � F� � � <br /> E'�::�"t:�� �3cx7J'i,Tz, Deee�sea . � <br /> This matter came on far Y�iearing on �he: / 7�day o£ Jul;�, <br /> �.���::��v, or� the Pe�3�ion a�' Tk�ekla E, acY:ult�, fna a detexnrrirati�a3 0.� <br /> :�ni�aritance tax and th� euidence, t-.z�� Petitioz�er beiz�� p���er�� i:� <br /> v��ur°t� ar.d repres�n�ed by counsel �nc� tne Gourt having h��rd the <br /> �avia�t��r,e and beir��; ful3.y a�?vi��� in, the premi�es �'inds t#1�� a:��. ��sets <br /> _i_��+.�rc1.���d ar� locate� �n Ha1]. Cotir�ty, idebraska, anel that the CoY.��i�y <br /> :��:��:.c,r�ey of I-I8�3.1 Coutlty' N�bra�ka� ha� executed a�d filed a k�ai~��r <br /> a� I�c�tic� upon him to show ca�.se, ar oF the anc� �lacp e�f 1~:e�zrin�;, <br /> �.n�� ��a€� entered a volun�nry appear�r�c� in t-hese pr�ceedin�s zn l�ph��f . <br /> c;f. the Coun�y of Hall and the 5tate o.� Nebrask�, and t'u•rther .fi�cis W.hat <br /> t�e �nly per�on agains� whom an inherita�2c� ta�c may be assesse� �.� ti�e <br /> "r'�tit:�.oner herein. <br /> The �ourt �urther f inc�s ti�a� the �aia P�ter Schultz died �4s�q <br /> l�� 1�61, irt �Iall County, Nebraska, beizg �.t said �ime a resid�nt o.� <br /> ��i:� �oun�y; that the Petitioner �.s the widow of said Dsceaaed; �hat <br /> ..4.. �,i�e tim� o�' his death said Deceased �vas not Dos�essed of �.�y- <br /> ,�r.�c;F��rty �ub�eet to administra�ion in �h. State o�' Nebr�ska, but vras <br /> �i,�:� c�cc�ner, tog�ther vv�.th the �e��.tio�er as �4int ten�n��! o�' 4;��: f��lowin� <br /> �:i«�:�c�ra��aecl pr�operty, L-o-wi�i <br /> �'he 4dest One-half (Vd�) o�' Lot T�o (;z) Isiand and �1�� <br /> We�t One-:alf (i��} of tne Southea�t �uarter �SE�) ai <br /> Section Tw�nty-Fotzr (24) and th� i�egt C?�e-half �tr��} ��° <br /> the Northeast Quar�er (�a��) of the Northwe�� Qur�x��t�� <br /> (1�"t;1�) of Section Tw�n�cY-�ive (�5) all in TQwnship Ten <br /> ��.G) tlorth, r�ang� �:lavan f 1,I) Wes� o� the 6 �.�., I�all <br /> County, �1�bra�ka; and <br /> The Westsrly Eigh�y-Three {$3) Feet of the Eas� i�ne- <br /> Izalf (��) Qf �3�.ack Sixte�n (1F�) :of t�ir�dolpnts Addati�r� <br /> to the City of Gra�nd 2sland� HaI1 Caun�y, Nebr�,sk�. <br /> Ths Court further find� �hat �Ghe above de�cribed p�-aper�y <br /> 1Qcated in G�and Island, Nsbraska� �� the residantia3 prap�rty �s�' Deeedent <br /> and Petitioner, and ww�s their ho�aestead at t�e tim� of the death af th� <br /> said Peter S�hult�, De€e�sedj th�t tY�e D�cea�eci and Pe�itioner were also <br /> _ _1_ <br />