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_ . . ..:,.���-_„_ ,. _ <br /> �. : .�,�. ,�,. w .--_ <br />� . <br />� <br /> �. <br /> the 'following three of her children, Chirly Saurer I�ria,rtin, Debbi.e <br /> IYiartin, and Jo�nne I�iartin, share and share' ali:ke , or to tf�e <br /> survivors or survivor, and if there ar� no -survivors, then to <br /> Robert Niartin, , husband of my daugh�er, Shi'z�ley N�artin. Part B, <br /> consisting oi on�-f'ourth (l,l1�) , to Jacqueline K. Barton, my <br /> orandcta�hter, who is the child: o#' my deceased dau�hter, P�;uriel <br /> Barton, p�ovided she is living at the time of m;� death, anct ii <br /> she is not then living, then this share in my estaLe shall lapse <br /> and shall be added to, and pass with, that part herein before dea- <br /> cribed as Part A. <br /> 7• I hereby �raive any privilege hereby created under t:e <br /> laws of the State oi Idebraska, �rrith respect to confidential coml::u- <br /> nication between me and any attesti�g rritnesses to my ��Jill, or any <br /> attorneys os mine wh� assisted in the drat'ting of this wiil. <br /> I��I ';tI�':�r.�S y3rir.REOi� , I have hereuntQ sioned my r_;�mE: <br /> tl-iis z'JtY� day o� �!pril, 1959, ir. the preser�ce o� the undersi�ned <br />:u� <br /> attesting witnesses, ��ho are ooth residen�s of Grand Isl��nd , <br /> Nepraska, and wnom I have requested to si�n as such wvitresses . <br /> ��JI TNGS S�S : <br /> John H Lan�e <br />;: <br /> O�car r� itank <br /> The zoreooing instrument, consistin� oi two (2 ) ��y�pc- <br /> written �ages, this included, the f'irs� pa�e r�earino on t�ie <br />"' kx�ttom niargin the signature o£ tr.e testator and the initia::, �� <br /> the witnesses, and the second pa�e bearing the signatures o� th� <br /> testator and the :a�tnesses, was this '27Lh day o£ :�pril, 1y59, <br /> � si�ned, sealed, published and declared as and f'or his Last ;�iil <br /> and Testament, by the said testator, in the �resence oi us, .�rl�.o <br /> at his request, and in his presence, and in the �resence ol eac:: <br /> other, have hereunto suoscribeci our names as witnesses Lhereto, <br /> we , and each of us believin� the said testaLor to be oi . scand <br /> and disposin� mind and memory at the date hereot', and under na <br /> duress. <br /> Oscar�, Ra.nk <br /> of Grarid: Island, Nebraska <br /> Ba.vard H. Paine Jr.. <br /> oF Grand Island, Nebraska <br /> ENDORSEN�NT: L�1ST 'uJILL AND TESTAMENT OF <br /> JOHN H. LANG <br /> HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D :JAN 2� 1960 CHARLES BOSSERT COUNTY <br /> JUDGE : <br />� <br /> r . . , �. <br />€ <br />�� � r 4�� ��� w.nss� <br />[^. �: ' ..} . ..;. <br /> S'. i __.r - _" " � - _m-r+�-_..n�c� <br />