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�ri •rEi� c�otJr��rv cr�t,°�T �n r�t,°F�,aLn cnut�rrY, �v�r�?t��s�r+ � <br /> l.�r �-r�,t;: =,n,4T"I'EE: �F TH�: ��TttT�} �rp. �I13 <br /> ) <br /> �F ) F I N A L T) E C rt �; ii <br /> } - - -- - - -- - - - - - <br /> _:,�t',�.'`��x"...'`'=; +._.. � _ _ I?Er`•1�,1SED_} <br /> '�'ow on this lOth da�� of �tay, 1961, havin� hecn cc�ntinuec� <br /> fr�m r��cember 29, 1gb�, this m�tter �ame nr, fc�r he�rir.� before t�e <br /> �::n�_�r.± for final admini�tration �f a,cc�unt c�f :'1. C. t'`ittera , .3r��sin- <br /> istr�tnr_ �vith G�i?1 �ir�nexeci of sai.c� estate, and his }�et�tion nraving <br /> `�or fin�t sett2emen+. thereof, a.n� the C�urt fi.nc3s: <br /> 1. a�otic� of tfais hearin� ha5 been ptzl�lishec� as :�e�?tiirecl bt� <br /> �,�rr�; and �21 of the heirs-at_�_atiu ha��e enterec� ann��rances by answers <br /> it> >�,Triting ta the �etition to Tsrnbate the ,'ill. <br /> 2. :��nrna '�qoss died, testate, txnc�n the llth da�r of �rr�1, 19bt3, <br /> a eevir�ent nf sai�i Countv at saic3 t:ime, and her Last `.i�ill anc� Tes- <br /> ta���;3nt },as neretofore in these proceedin�;s bp?n a�2e�`�ed +c� ;�ro�iate <br /> as �er I,ast '.!!ill and Testa*�ent. <br /> 3. �lotice to cr�ditors of this estate to file in this Gourt <br /> t?�eir for allo�tiance has heen �ub2ish�d in �ursuance cf ar. <br /> �7rder of this Court , and the tir�� therein li^�ited f�r that purpc�se <br /> has e�c7ired, further claims are t�arsed, ane� a11 e�me�ses of f��neral <br /> �nr� tne c.laims a12o�red br thP Co��rt , �nd the Court costc nf t�is <br /> estate have �een paid. <br /> 4. 4. C. lUittera is th� dulv qualified an� actin� =�{9m�nistrator <br /> ���ith ti'il_1 �nnexed of this estate; and his final ac?ministrat.ion of <br /> acco�znt and report is just and correct a.nd ou�ht to t�e ard is hereby <br /> a����oved. <br /> 5. Lr�ma 41oss died seized of the following described real <br /> estate: Tt�e �?orth nne-half of the North (�ne_half of the >`�ovthwest <br /> !;uarter {TMI1N� Si���) of Section Four (4), Township Ten (10), Rarth, <br /> 2�r.�:;�^ TeNelve (12 ), tnlest of the 6th P.Pg, , �ia11 County, #�ebraska , <br /> ����i�h descended in accordance svith the terms �f said I.ast �Nill and <br /> Testament to �srnest f�. '��toss. The persanal propertv has been �is- <br /> tri.buted in accordance �ith the terms of said Last ��ill and Testament <br /> or �.,sed to pay debts and costs of administration of this estate. <br /> � <br />