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• � � • s_ . <br /> �Certificate of �ro�ate of �i[�. <br /> THE STATE OF NEBRASKA, � <br /> COUNTY OF SUFFALO, <br /> sg� 3fn t�ountp �Lourt. <br /> In the m�tter of the estate of Emma Moss deceased. <br /> I hereby certify that on the 29th day of June, 1960 the foregoing instrument <br /> of writing to which this ce��tificate is attached was duly probated and allowed as the Last Will and Testament <br /> of Emma bioc� deceased and <br /> the same was duly filed and entered upon the probate records of said county. <br /> Witness my'hand and official seal, this �Qth ciay of June, 1960 <br /> (SEAL) <br /> HARVEY M, WILSON <br /> County Judge. <br /> FILEn JUN 30, 1960, Harvey M. Wilson, County Judge <br /> .?i <br />