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9 <br /> IN THE C�UI+IIY CC7t#tS OF HALL C41�iTY, NEBRASKA <br /> IN TFfE I►�ATTER �F THE E STATE <br /> OF F,�1,�,IAi, DE R E <br /> �IRTLE B. @�ELLS, AECEASED <br /> No�r on �h�.s �th day af AAay, 1961, tt�is caus�.ca�e c�n t€� be <br /> heard on the final �cega�rt of Ciifford L, �te1ls, A���ator, <br /> and aft�rr exa�inq th� rec�ards ar�d f il�s, th� C�urt f ind� th�t <br /> nratic� of said fin�l report has been pt�bli�h�d in the �aa�tt�r <br /> and fo�m prov�.d�d by law ar►d th�t th�e 4nly person intere��t�d <br /> in this Estate, except the said Ad�ainistrator, is thc Cnunty <br /> Attorney of Hall County, N�braska who ha$ ent�recl his �ppear- <br /> ance. Th� Court further finds that there ax� na ab,ject�.Qr�s - <br /> on file; u�he�eupQn evideac� wa� taken and naw the c�u�t find�: <br /> That s�id fir�al rept�r� i� in all t�iings true and corr�c� <br /> and that the Ad�inist�ratt�r h�� accounted for all of the gevd� <br /> and assets of the d�rceas�d which have can�� intc� his knowledge <br /> �nd posses�ion. <br /> IT IS THERE�URE f�iDERED� ADJ[�G�D ANI3 DECREED by the Court <br /> that �a�►e is her�by �ati�d.ed, approe�d and ccnfia��ned. <br /> Th� Gourt finds �hat nc►tice of the ti�e and place fc�r <br /> fillag claims has been published in the aaanr�eT and forr� provided <br /> by law and that said time has long sinc� elapsed. <br /> TT IS TH�REFORE URDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED by th� Court <br /> that all claims not nc>w mn file be and the sa�ne are #areve� bar- <br /> red. . <br /> The Caurt furfih�r finds that a31 claims filed in this estate <br /> have bee�n paid in full and receipts filed th�r�for; that th� <br /> funeral expenses and the �xp�nses ofnth� .la�t i3lness have been <br /> paid in ful�; that the State Inh�ritan�a Tax has been ievied �t <br /> $36a.00 and the same h�s been paid; that the pre�pe�r r�Ie�se� . <br /> have been obtained and filed from the County Ass+��sor and County <br /> Trea�surer and that these sea�sins fer deter�fnation snly the matt�r <br /> of caurt c�stg �rnd attt�r�ey's fees for th• ad�inistratar, th� <br /> ad�inistrator ha�v�ng wai,ved Ad�inistrator'� fees in op�►n c�urt. <br /> The Cc�urt flnds that the court casts are in �hs swaa of 590.6� <br />, ., , ; ,� <br /> �� .,_, r_ ru__ �� .. ... «��.� , � - <br /> : �.. � . ..: ,. ... <br /> . . . . .. .� .. �,�; :�; . b.: • .� _ / <br />