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/ <br /> •2� <br /> I,i.zzie Patacher� J�eosa�ed� and a petiticm said �i12 tor prc�bats, end on the <br /> 27th daq of �epteinbar, 1�60! an arder of thia �ourE wAs m�de therein asai�nin� the <br /> 2�th day of dctaber� 1960� at 10�t� o'clock A.�. i,n tt3e �ourity Cc�xrt Room �tn said <br /> Countv as the time and place for hearing gaid petition, praring 4aid Wtll and e�- <br /> mtttin� th� �a�n0 to probate� and ordering tt�at notice oY the pendsnCy af aaid peti- <br /> tion end heartng ther9nn be �iv� to a►11 peracma interaated in eaid �stter by pub- <br /> Ile'�ing satd notiee i.n the Gairo R�cord, a legal ne•�apaper pri.nted in s�id �ountyp <br /> for threse succ�a9ive wQeka �rior to sain day oP heartng� snd it e�pe�ra bp pr4of <br /> on Ptle that rac�Lice of �sid arder �*as sa .�;iv�t� �ncl that a t.o�y of the �'i et caub- <br /> lie,t�.on of �si�i n�tice �*�s asailed to all persans having a�► �.nt�reet in seid e�st�te <br /> � +..r� t�.:�e �x�a �y 1�W. <br /> T��I�D ' <br /> The court further f'indg tha t on the 25t�, aa� of October� 1460� aaid tnaLrwngnt <br /> �as proven� a1loHed and sdmitted to probate se the Laet Will and fieeLe.ent of ssid <br /> yiazte ?'�atscher, Dgceaeed� which L,st ldill and ?eataa�ent i.s in worda sa to21o�►s e <br /> �LASfi t�2LL A�D TES1`AI�EI�iT <br /> I, Lizsie Putseher� � wido�r, of Cairo' Nebraska, being of aound n�nd ar�d dis- <br /> p4sin� �esaory' hsreby revoke any and all for�er �lls by me mad� and heretry pnb- <br /> 31�h arrd decs3ax�e this ta be ny Last �ill and Testam�nt in Worde as followss <br /> 1. <br /> I hereby appoint my dau�hter por� �Seyar of St. �icha�l� �ebraska' E�cecutrix <br /> of thi.� Will and direct that she convert all of my persanal eatate into ca�h ae <br /> soon as r�ay conventently be done sfter �y death and out of the prace�ds therefYa�tt, <br /> tl�at �hee pay all � �ust debtsf inc2uding exD�sa� of � last illness and burial, <br /> and � ecun ren�ain�.ng aPter pa�ent t,l�ereoP� and after pay7aen� of the e�enee� <br /> of prvbatin,� th#.s �'i21 and acic�i.nisteri_ng sny eatatef I hereby beqnaath the ea�ne <br /> skaare and ehare alike unto � two ehildr�i� Dora Meyer and Henry Putscher of <br /> �airo� Nebr�ska. <br /> 2. <br /> AlI of �y resl estate ai' which I ma�g die aerized� I here'tr� c?�ev�i�e unto �* <br /> d�uRhtc�r �ora Me�*sr #.n Pee si.mpZe absolnte; I roake no provieion 3n this �'ilt <br /> respe�t to said real estate in favor of �y sa#.d eon Henry Pntacher� far tha reason <br /> that I have giveri �► aon monsy xhieh h� has not been�d to x�p�y ta m� and T <br /> � to sh�w my anprec'�,ation to my aaid daughtsr por� far t�e� grea� me��r 1�#.mdn��aes <br /> she and her hn�sb�nd ha�ve daas far me. <br /> Zn�es� vaher�f T t�ve heraut3tv affixed nry eigt���tre st Grend I�land� <br /> �ebr�ska' thi.s ].3tt� d��t of' �eG�bery 39l�6. <br /> Li�rie p�techer <br /> Te�tatri.x <br /> �iitne�s s <br /> J�s�i� �verd�rttf' " <br /> Hert��rt �'. �4a�sr <br /> We who�e n�e are her+em�tta �ttbttaribsdt da heraby �+er��t� fi.hat L�,��ie �ti�echa�� <br /> the Te����rix, ahe� then b�n� �f sauad �i.nd and cu�ier r�4 ce��.eicna, +�r�t��esrit�d <br /> her ns�se Le� tP�► �'t�r�g���g im�t�uaattt iti our preaene:e �td the pr�e�e�1e9 of ese�� <br /> of a�� a�td a� th�r �atm� '�i� and #.n Q�r pr�ertt� �zd hearing, dee�l+�t�ed th� s�e ta <br /> bs he� 1�s�at t�ill �d Test�t* and �re �t her epedi►1. tn��a�tca a�c� r�uest and in <br /> her p��enae� s�nd in th�e pr�s+�t� gf each a6hsr� t�ava here�te �tb�eribed aur naa�e� <br />