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IN TIiE CflUNTY COUBT OF HALI, �QUI�iTY, NEBRASKA <br /> SN TkIE A�ATTEft OF 2�IE E3TATE ) Eet�te No. 5542 <br /> OF � FINAL DECREE <br /> � <br /> ROZTAA TRAU`PMAN, Deeea�ed ) <br /> This raatter came on for hearing this 15th dap of March, <br /> 19b1, upon th� Final Report and account and th� Petition for Fial <br /> settlem�nt af Acco�nt of the Executor, and for a Decr�� of Heirship <br /> h�rein, and determination flP inheritance ta�c and administrative <br /> expen�es, and due and l�gal notice of hearin.g having been given as <br /> provided bp la�,r, and the Court being fully advised in the premi�es, <br /> finds: <br /> 1. That said final aceount is correct and shvuld be allowed. <br /> 2. That the s�atementa and allegations in said Petiti+�n for <br /> Final S�ttlecnent are true and correct, <br /> 3. That the Exeeutor took pos�sasian of �11 personal property <br /> belonging to s�id estate except bank depo�ita and investments held in <br /> �t�int t�nancy with any o�her gerson than the te�tatrix, such bank <br /> de�o�its and other investments �o held having been distributed equ�I.l� <br /> �ur��.ant to �he pronisions of' the Last Will and Testament of deceder.t <br /> and that the �xscutor h$s paid a11 deb�Gs and claim� allowed and a2so <br /> t�e ea�t� and expesnses of administratian. <br /> �, That Lhere is no inheritance tax due the State of l�ebra��a <br /> .f`rom any of the hairs, d�vis�e� or legatees 01' d€G��SE°d. <br /> 5. Th�t ther� i� now left in the hands af the Executor �ft�r <br /> paym�n� of a13 ca��s �d expen�es of adminz,stration th�a sum of ��g �, /�9 , <br /> ThaG there are no unliq�tidated item� rema3.nir�g. <br /> 6. Th�t Rt��in& Tr�utm�n died test�te, a resident a� Ha11 <br /> Ctaunty$ N�braska, on the 31�t day c�f Augu��G, i959, and l�:ft as her sole <br /> �nd only heir� �� i�w $ ehildren, they being Carl S�ait�er, Rosie �'uehrern <br /> �hri�+ S�it�er, �`�rgaret A�eyer, Dic� Sr�r3.�ser, Hild� Munson, Kathryn <br /> F�,iehr�r and Lemt� Cat�s, also l�n�r�n as Leeda Cat�s, all of whom �re of <br /> I.�gal ag�. <br /> 7e �2aat t�s s��id Ra$in�t '�rautrrr�n, dece�$�d, di�d se�zed of <br /> �he �ollt�win� de�cribed real e�tate, to-wit2 <br /> Lot S�ven t71 , B3.oc1� Eightsen (1$)„ Baker�s <br /> Ac�dition tb the Gi�y of Gr�nd Tsl�end, Hal� <br /> County, Pl�bra�I��. <br /> $, Ths►t by thE terms of the � of s�id dsceased' �1Z p�raonal�ty, <br /> ��me being deseribed in Paragr�gh 5 abcaue, 3eft after p�yment of debts, <br /> funer�� �pense� and co�ts �f adminisstr�t3.on, as well �s �11 b�nk <br /> depc�sit� +�nd c��h�r invest�ents heid 3n 3�iint tenancy �rith �ny other ger�on, <br /> is bequ���hed to Leot� �ates, K�thryn Fuekir�r and Hilda Munsan� dsughters <br /> €�f tl�a decea;�ed, tr� �qual shara s a�d should be �nd is hereby a��igned <br /> �n thems and �II re�►1 estate of which said R�a��na �rautman riied s�ized, <br />� <br /> :��, <br /> -.v- <br /> ,. .,, _�.�_�,_ __r . >; . .�:_,. , .,.._�. <br />