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LAST WILL AI�D TESTAMEI�TT <br /> OF <br /> ROZITTA TRAUTMAN <br /> I, Hozina Trautman, of Grand Island, Hall Courty, Nebraska, do <br /> herewith make, publish and declare this to be my Last Will and <br /> Testarr_ent in rr?anner and form as follows: <br /> First <br /> I direct my Executor, hereinafter named, to pay all of my just <br /> debts, expenses of last illnes.s, burial expenses and any expenses inci- <br /> dertal to the admiriistration of my estate as soon aft�r my death as can <br /> c�r.veniertl}r be done. <br /> Second <br /> I give, devise and bequeath to my entire estate, remaining after <br /> pay;nent of the iterrs set forth in the First Paragraph hereof, <br /> and �i�cluding real estate and personal property, whether now owned <br /> b�r rr.� or hereafter acquired, and wheresoever situated to my thre� <br /> da�._�^�hters, Leota Cates, Kathryn L'uehrer and Hilda Munson, share <br /> and silare alike, to have and to hold the same forever; provided that if <br /> �ny of -ny th.ree daughters hereinabove mentioned shouki precede me in <br /> death leavin�; issue surviving them, the share of such deceased <br /> dau�,hter shall m t lapse but shall pass and descend to such issue by <br /> ri�;ht of representation. All bank deposits and other investments <br /> r�.el.d in ioint tenancy with any other person, I declare to be my prope.rty <br /> and such joint tenancy has been set up solely for convenience and these <br /> de�sits and investments shall be considered as a part of m?T estate and <br /> distributed equally among my daughters as herein set forth. <br /> Third <br /> I am nct unmindful oi :��yo uther children but it is my will that any <br /> propert;T remaining shall pass and descend upon rcy death as set forth <br /> ir_ t'�e preceding paragraph and I hereby revoke any and all for�er <br /> T�vills by r;e rr,ade. <br /> rourth <br /> I name, nominate and appoi�t the Grand Island Trust Company of <br /> Grar�d Island, � ebraska., to be the Executor of myr Will. <br /> Fifth <br /> Having cenferred in detail regarding the provisions of my '�u'ill <br /> ,�rith ti. J. Lu��bs, of the law firm of Luebs & Elson, of Grand Island, <br /> itie':�raska, I hereby waive all provisions of the laws of Tvebraska <br /> pertaining to privileged communications between attorney and client and <br /> expressly authorize him to testify as to any communications had with <br /> hi:r: regardin� the prov�sions of this instrument wherever necessary to <br /> pronerly administ� my estate and request my Executor tc confer with <br /> him whenever necessary on legal matters pertainirg to the probate and <br /> the administration of my estate. <br /> IT;: VJI`I'�1ESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature and <br /> executed the foregoing as my Last. Will and Testament in Grand Island, <br /> Neoraska, this llth day of March, 195$. <br /> /s/ Rozina Trautman <br /> -1- <br /> -i- <br />