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x�; �x� cnII��� co°�R� a� ���� �a�€���, .���.a��� <br /> Ii� T°rI� .�iATT��. 4F �`H� EST.�T.E QF ) Estate Tvo. 5632 <br /> ORA JAY �3ALL, ��.'C�A��D ) �Z�TAT, I��CR�E <br /> �t�te qf #.debra�ka } <br /> sst <br /> Gount�r of Hall ) <br /> At a �ae�sion of the �aunty Court h�lci in and for sald coun wy �h3.� <br /> 9th day of �arch, 1961. <br /> Present: Charl�s �s��rt, Cvu�t�ty J�dge. <br /> B� I T R�rECviBERLD, that On ri��br�u�.ry 14, 19b1� �.ary ��11 and Js.,y- J. <br /> �all, €�dministra#,Ar� here►ln, �'iled in this court th.�ir A in�.I =�e�arsrt a� <br /> a�dministrators and prayed that said report be �.11ow�d, fc�r �. �ecx�e of <br /> heirship, a d�termination of inherita.nee ta�xe�, �.nd fin�l settleznent <br /> a.nd disehar�e. <br /> �'or tYaese purpo�€s� the 9th day of ��arch, 1�61� at 1.� �'clock �.s . <br /> at ti�e Courity Court Rocm in �aici county was �.s:�i�ned as t�ie ti�e a.nd. <br /> place �'or hee.rin� ssid �etition, exarrinin� a�a a1lo�rin� s�.id ;��.n�l ; <br /> �eport; and it apnears by provf okn file that notice of the pend�nc,y <br /> of �aaid hearin�r was ;�iven a.s �ay 1aw required and as ardered by tnis <br /> oourt� �nd that no ob�eetion� to said final re»ort �iave been r�ade or <br /> �iled. <br /> Ilpon exa�lnation of th� record and the evidence ir, this niatter and <br /> bein� fully advised in the �re�i�es, the cc�urt finds �s �oliows: <br /> �'IR`�Z` <br /> That t3ra Jay �Ball died on the lst day of :�arch, 1960, i�testate <br /> and a resident o� Hail County, �ebraska. <br /> SECOt�D <br /> That on the 8th da� of ��arch, 1960, �. petitian �ras �'ilea hereir� <br /> pra.yin� that administration of this �state b� had in this court and <br /> that °=`ary Ball and day J. Ball be appointed administrators; that pur- <br /> suant to the order of thig eaurt� notiee as require� b�r Iawr wa� uiven <br /> of a h�t�rin� an said petitian �.nd on Aprii 6� 19b�, the tl�e set �or <br /> su�h hearin�, letters of administration were duly �rran��d to ��ary �3€�11 <br /> and Jay J. �iall and they furnished bond with this es�urt as ardered <br /> ax3d approved in the amount of �500.Oa. <br /> . �� ` <br />