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. .., _...,. --,_ . . _,;_.....: ,. .... .-.,n,� ...,.. . f:a�.-.. ,.. r, ., k__„'::�.... . �r <br /> z, , ...,.; .�.. , mx . <br /> '* Mt �. <br /> IN THE CC?UNTY �OURT OF HALL GOUhTY, hTEBR,ASKA <br /> IN THE MATTEr� OF THE ESTATE � <br /> OF ) DEGt� E :E <br /> ) <br /> kSRRGARET RICK.AR�, Deceased ) <br /> Thi� matter came on for he�ring nn the ,�"'� day of <br /> �ebruary, 19�1, on t2�e Petitit�n af Lav�rn� P�. �ickard, far a <br /> d.etermination of inheritanc� ��x ar�d th� evidence, the Petitioner <br /> being pre sent in Court and represent,ed by counsel and the Court <br /> having he�rd the evidence and being fu11y advised in the <br /> fin�.s that all assets involved are located in Hall County, P�ebraska, <br /> and �hat the county attorney af Hal1. Caunty, Nebraska, has e�eecuted <br /> anci �iled a Waiver of Ivotice upon him to �haw cau�e, or of the time <br /> and place of he�ring,. and has entered a voluntary appearancs in these <br /> proceedings in behalf of the County of Hall and State af TLebr�ska �nd <br /> further finds that the only person against whom an i.nheritanee tax <br /> znay be assessed is the Petitioner herein. <br /> The Court further finds that the gaid Marg�iret :�ickard diec� <br /> F's'oruary 7, 19b1, in Hall County, �+ebraska, being at, said �ime � <br /> residen� of said County; that the Petitioner i� the c�aughter of �aid <br /> deczased; that at the time of her death said decease:d was not possessed <br /> of any property sab j ect to admi.nis�ration in the Stat;E of l�ebrask�, <br /> buL was the owner, together with the Pe°�itioner as �ioint t�n�nt�, of <br /> the following described property, to�wit: <br /> That certain tract of real �statE at C�iro„ <br /> Ha11 Countg, P3ebraska, describ�d as aammenc:ing <br /> at a point Three Hundred Feet (300t ) south �� <br /> the intersection of ths south line of �yriFt <br /> Street with the east line of Hi�h Street of' <br /> the First Addition �o t he town of Cairo (ac,cording <br /> tv the recorded plat thereof) , sa�d pdnt oj' <br /> i.ntersection being Sixty Feet (b0� ) south c�f <br /> the sou�hwe�t corner of I.qt Seven (7� in B7�ock <br /> Three (3 y of the said First Addition; ��1�f3 <br /> south in continuation af the east line of t;he <br /> s�id High Street 13�•4 feet to in�ersect the <br /> south 13ne of the Southwest �uarter of the <br /> Northw�st Quarter (SW�NW�) of �ection IV`inei,een <br /> (19), in Towns�est ofEthe �t}��pNorth�hence�4.�st <br /> Eieven (11� , , <br /> �14ng said south line 14Q feet to inter��ci� the <br /> we�t line of the a�Iey cf Block One (1) of t;he <br /> Fifth Addition to th� town of C�iro (accorciing <br /> �i,=.. <br />