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OR6ER ADMITTING WILL TO PROBATE „couRieR PRess <br /> � . <br /> Order Admitting Will to Probate <br /> IN THE COUNTY CdURT O�F SCOTTS BLUFF COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA, <br /> ss. <br /> S�COTTS BLUFF` GOUNTY, <br /> Now on this 91+.�_ day of AuQ+�t , 19�iQ_,this cause came on for <br /> hearing, and it appearing to me, from the proof now on file, that all proper parties to this praceeding <br /> have been duly notified; whereupon A• H. Atk3x�s <br /> subscribing witness to said instrument, was sworn and examined. On consideration whereof, I find <br /> that said ��h�rine Pauley <br /> departed this life on the 25�h day of _�� , 19�24L; a resident of Scotts Bluff Countv, <br /> Nebraska, and that the deceased left a last will an d testament which was duly executed as required by <br /> law. That the said testator, at the time of making said will, was of full age, of sound mind and memory, <br /> and not under restraint, and was in all respects competent to devise real and personal estate; and that <br /> said will has been duly proven, and should be allow ed as the last will and testament of said <br /> Katherine Pauley <br /> IT IS T�REFORE C'ONSIDERED by me that said last will and testament was duly <br /> executed, and that the is ge•nuine and valid, and that said last will and testament be admitted to <br /> probate and established as a will of real and personal estate. <br /> IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that letters testamentary shall issue thereon to <br /> H��� �'��� upon furnishing bond in the sum of $ ����•� <br /> and taking the oath required by law. <br /> /s/ Tmd R. F�idler <br /> County Judge. <br /> ���L . <br /> � <br />