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1 <br /> / <br /> . , , . S • <br /> . � ol"i��7 . <br /> . . <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAMETIT OF CLARENCE T�RTIN BUETTNER - Pa�e Ten <br /> �- at any time be transferred . I hereby cer�ify that _ before the executio <br /> of this will I had advice and counscl caiLh re�ard thereto from persons <br /> not in the employ of, nor under salary from, THE FIHST N�TIOPIAL �3ANK <br /> . QF KEINS�IS CITY or FIRST NATIOi1AL }3ANK IN ICF;ARNEY. <br /> B. The name of "STXPISON, MAG, THOMSON, McEVERS & <br />, FIZZELL", as used in this will, shal�l include not only said law firm <br /> but also its successor and successors, even thou�h its name may be <br /> chan�ed . <br /> IN. ��IITNESS l�lHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal <br /> �'"i� this ( day of�QntPmhPr , � 1g68. <br /> s/ Clarence Martin Buettner (SEAL) <br /> The foregoing instrument, consistin� of ten (10) � pewritte <br /> pa�es, �vas initialed on each pa�e thereof with the initials �'C . M. B, ' <br /> by CLARENCE MARTIN BUETTN�R (a person kno�•�n to us to be of sound mind), <br /> and was by hi�n signed, sealed, published and declared to be his last <br /> will and testament, in our presence, and in the presence of each of <br /> us, and we, at the same time, at his request, and in his presence, <br /> and in �he presence of eacr, other, have hereunto subscribed our narnes <br /> as attesting v�itnesses this 6 day of September , 1g6�. <br /> s/ Reece A. Gardner <br /> Address Kansas City, Missouri <br /> s/ George E. Gibson <br /> . � Address Kansas City, Missouri <br /> _ s/ J. Scott Merritt, Jr. <br /> Address Kansas City, Missouri <br /> . � a � <br />