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. ..� � . � ii�g� � • � � <br /> � LAST ��1ILL AND TLSTAI�IENT OF CLARE.NCE MARTIN BUETTNER - Page Nine <br /> consolidation, reorganization, recapitalization, Financin�, refinanc= <br /> � in� or liquidation of any corporation, association or other organiza- <br /> tion o.f vrhich he holds shares, obligations or other securities, and <br /> to exercise any conversion or subscription rights perta�nin� to any <br /> stocks, bonds or other securities held hereunder; <br /> E. � To vote any stock constitutino a part of my estate <br /> .for himself as an officer or direct�or, or both, of any corporation <br /> in trrhich my executor holds stock hereunder, and my executor may per- <br /> sonally receive and retain compensation for services rendered to any <br /> corporation, even tlecutortheldestocltnhereunder inrsuchscorporataon;�om <br /> �j,� �he fact that my ex <br /> �e Regardless of whether .or not it is .beneficial to <br /> , �ny estatE�, to make joint income �ax returns (Federal or State) vrith <br /> my wii'e or her execuL-ors or administra�;ors, to consent to gifts made <br /> � tiy my w�.fe bein� considered as made one half by me, and to pay any <br /> portion ar a,ll of any resulting income taxes and gift taxes, and my <br /> executor shall not incur any personal liability for failure to re- <br /> cover a ratable portion of such taxes from my vai£e or her executors <br /> or administrators. <br /> ARTICLE XI <br /> Y appoint REECE A . GARDNER, of Johnson County, Kansas, to <br /> act as executor of this �•aill, but if he should be unable, refuse or <br /> fail for any reason i�rhatsoever to act or to continue to act hereunder <br /> or 3.f at any subsequent time or times during the adrninistra�ion of my <br /> estate a vacancy should occur in the executorship, then such vacancy <br /> shall be filled by that person v�ho is then f:he oldest (in age rather <br /> than in service) active senior partner of the law firm of STINSON, <br /> MAG, THOi�7SON, McEVERS & FSZZELL (nocv located at Nine West Tenth' <br /> Streeta Kansas City, Dlissouri) and who is then willing and able; to <br /> act hereunder� Every executor at any time acting hereunder shall <br /> have all of the rights, privileges, pov�ers, discretions and imrnuni�i- <br /> � conferred upon my ori�inal executor`. I request that no bond be re- <br /> quired of any executor at any time acting hereunder. <br /> _ ARTICLE XII <br /> � t request that the law firm of STINSON, r,7AG, THOMSON, . <br /> McEVERS �C �IZZELL be employed to render legal services to my estate � <br /> and to the trust estate cr•eated under this will, even though a membe <br /> af said firm is actin� in a fiduc�iary capacity hereunder. <br /> ARTICI�E XIII <br /> � A . The names of "THE FIRST NATIONAL B�1vK OF K�INSAS <br /> CITY" and "FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN KEA RVEY", wherever used in this <br /> will, shall include not only said banlcs, but also tY�eir r•espective <br /> successors, any survivin� corporations into which they may respect- <br /> ively be mer�;ed, a,zy net•r corporations resulting from Lheir respectiv <br /> " conso3idations with any other corporation or carporations, the suc- <br /> cessors of any such survivin� or new corporations, and any corpora- <br /> tions to which the respecLive fiduciary businesses of said bailks ma <br /> . � �7 <br />