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. . � �� oi1��7 � . � . . <br /> . LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF CLARINCE MARTIN BUETTNER - Pa�e Seven <br /> located in the State of Nebraska��and THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF KANSA <br /> � • CITY should be unable, refuse or fail for any reason whatsoever to ac� <br /> or to con�inue to act as trustee hereunder rrith respect to such prop- <br /> erty then THE FIRST NATIONIIL BANK IN KL:ARNEY, Kearney, •Nebraska, shal: <br /> act as trustee hereunder with respect to such property. Every truste� <br /> at any time actin� hereunder shall have all of the ri�hts, privileges <br /> powers, discretions and immunities conferred upon the ori�inal truste� <br /> , herein named . I request that no band be required of any trustee at <br /> any time actin� hereunder. <br /> ARTICLE VI <br /> CMB Wherever the issue living at an particular time of any <br /> person are referred to in this will, the term "issue" . shall be <br /> deemed f,o mean all of such person' s lineal descendants of every degre <br /> ' l�.ving at that time v�ho have no ancestor then living v�ho is a lineal <br /> � descendant of such person. Wherever reference is made in this vrill <br /> to the issue vrho survive me of any person the phrase "issue cvho sur- <br /> vive me sha'l1 be deemed to mean all of such person' s lineal descend- <br /> ants of"every de�ree living at the time of my death who survive me <br /> and have no ancestor (who is a lineal descendant of such person) ���ho <br /> surv3.ves me . A lineal descendant shall be deemed to be livin� from t <br /> time of conception provided such lineal descendant is subsequently <br /> born alive, but if not born alive such J.ineal descendant shall be dee <br /> never to have been living. As used in the foregoing definitions, the <br /> term lineal descendant shall be deemed to include legally adopted <br /> n n <br /> persons and their lineal-descendants, and the term "ancestor" shall b <br /> deemed to mean a lineal ascendant of any degree, by blood or adoption <br /> ARTICLE VII <br /> The provisions herein made for my wife, BLTTY K. BUETTNER, <br /> shall be in �.ieu of dorrer, homestead, and all statutory marital' <br /> rights she may have in my property upon my death except� such statu- <br /> tory rights as she may have for maintenance at any time during the <br /> � probate administration of my estat�. � <br /> ARTICLE VIII <br /> 2f any person should renounce or disclaim any or all of <br /> his or her interests under this will then the succeedin� or alternatE <br /> interests hereunder shall be accelerated or substituLed . Accorc�ingl� <br /> alx of the provisions of this will shall be constr•ued as though such <br /> person had predeceased me, except , any provisions that may be necessa� <br /> to preserve any interest or interests of such person which he or she <br /> has not renounced or disclaimed. <br /> ARTICLF, IX <br /> I direct my execui;or to pay out of my residuary estate <br /> any and all estate, inheritance, le�acy, succession and transi'er <br /> taxes (includin� any penalties and interest thereori) �•ahich become <br /> payabJ.e by reason of my death, re�ar•dless of whether or not said <br /> taxes would otherc�rise be payable by my executor and regardless of <br /> • Y <br /> . � 5 � • . <br /> � <br />