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i � � <br /> IN TI�E COU�TY COURT Ofi LANCASTER COUNTY, NE��ASKA <br /> IA3 '"rir M,�1T?'ER QF TNF ESTt�TE ) Mo. E .277'`r�� <br /> ) <br /> OF ) <br /> a nECREE <br /> ;l���� ,d. T�Ar�SI;N, �ec���e�l. ) <br /> On thi� � dav of ��, 1970, thi� matter cams <br /> "`""� <br /> on t� �e �Se3r� on the Petition o� "�farven ?�'. Lareen, al�a kno��an �R <br /> `��.rv�z�� I,.�rsPn, no�r �i�rv��e "�� '.ior�e, for De",,,minat�.on a��' Inhe.ri- <br /> t�r�ce �-..=.:ce� �nd th� �vi�ience, and th� Court hein;? fully advi�ed <br /> f1d1�9 c1'3 �t)��.Ca`�r�: ' <br /> Z� , <br /> T`��3t the Co��ntv ��ttorney of Lancaste.r. County, �ebr�gka, for <br /> �.*�� �n ?�eh�lf r�f the �ca�nty af L�.ncaste.r an� the State of I�ebras�c�, <br /> .�a�� :`i��t t�e C�unty ^.�torney of Hall County, i�t�brask�, fc�r �ncl. on <br /> k�eh�lf a� ��� Countv �f Ha1Z �n� th� St�.te A�' E�debr�ska, ha.�ve e�ntered <br /> th@ir volunt�r�✓ 3-�r�P�xr.��nceg az:d c:aivers of notice h�rein, and eon- <br /> sPnt that a he<a�^in� ?�c� h�� �this c'.�t�. <br /> T�� <br /> '�'l�� C ::ur.t fin��s �hat �'�hn ';,'.�en d�har�e�d t�is l.:if�, int�- <br /> � ,�tp3 c�n 5c��t�:r,�b�r 2� , 1953, then � resident o� F.�ncoln, Lanc3ster • <br /> Cc�u�t�r, PI�',�ra,�:�. <br /> zlx. - <br /> The ^f.�ur�t �ll2`tYiP.2^ f�.nd� th�t the Pl^Op�.+X'�y d��;C7"':L!ti�c� in the � <br /> :'etitic,n �'i1�c� h�rc�in saas owne�3 by Deeeag�:d and Mar+vene NS. Lars��n, <br /> al�o knowzn as '�arvinc Larsen, now Marvene M. Mor��, +aidow of thc <br /> D�cea�ed, jointly caith riqht of surivivorship, and that the L�eceased <br /> left survivin� him as his sole and only h�ir� at l�w the follo�rin� <br /> r�:�ec3 i.nc3ividuals� to-w�.t: MarvenP M. Larsen, also known as Marvine <br /> Larssn, now N!arvene M. r�ors�, wicipw; and Jack Edward Laxsen, �an, <br /> b�=th Qf l��al ��;e. <br /> TV. <br /> The Court further finds thafi the tatal v�.lue o� the estate <br /> for i,nheritance tax �urposes is in the sum of $1,500.0�. <br />, � �0 � <br />