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• ._2_ • <br />� <br />; <br />� E. This trust shall terminate when my ciaughter, Lauri <br /> i - ' Ann Codner, �attains the ag,e of twenty-one years. <br />�, <br /> � F. Upon termiriation of. the trust, I direct my Trustee <br /> to pay the balance remaining in tne trust as foilows: <br />; <br /> 1. T:�e first $10,000.00 to be raid to ny son, ( <br /> Steven Earl Codner and my daughter, Lauri Ann l <br /> Codner, snare and share alike. i <br /> f <br /> 2. The balance to be distributed eo,ually arong my <br /> daughters, Carolyn Loschen, iJarsha Cod;ier and <br /> Lauri Ann Codner and my son, Steven L-arl Codner. <br /> G. I£ any of my children above named die befoxe becoming <br /> entitled to the corpus of said trust leaving issue � <br /> surviving, then upon termination of the trust said <br /> child's share shall be divzded equally and shall vest ; <br /> in his or her surviving issue by right af representation. . <br /> Should any of my children die without issue, I direct <br /> t�at said child`s share shall be divided equally among , <br /> the remazning children at the time of the distribution <br /> of the trust. <br /> . �• � <br /> � <br /> �!y Trustee shall the following powers in addition to those: � <br /> � vested elsewhere in this instrument or by law: �f <br /> I <br /> i 'A. To retain as an investment, wzthout liability by reason ! <br /> ' � of_ such retention, all securities and other property owned � <br /> ' by me during my li£etime, or in his discretion to dispose <br /> of all or any thereof, and in that event to invest, reinvest, I _ <br /> and keep invested the proceeds in such common and preferred � <br /> stocks, debentures, bonds, and other securities and property, I <br /> including znterests in real estate, as the Trustee snall deem I <br /> f_or t:�e best interests of tne trust; without being limited <br /> to legal investments for trustees. � <br /> B. To manage, sell, contract to sell, grant options to purchase, <br /> , convey, exchange, transfer, a'oandon, improve, repair, insure, I <br /> lease for any term even though ccrrunzncing in the future or � . <br /> extending beyond the term of the trust, and otherwise to deal ' <br /> with all property, real or personai, in such manner, for such � <br /> considerations, and on such terms and conditions as the � <br /> Trustee shall decide, and all without order or Iicense of i <br /> ; any court being rec{uired. ! <br /> � <br /> C.� To compromise, contest, arbitrate, or abandon claims and � <br /> demands all 'in his discretion. I <br /> D. To have witii respect to tne trust property a.11 rights of , <br /> a:� individual owner, including the powex to �ive proxies� <br /> to participate in voting mergers, trusts, consolidations, fore- <br /> closures, reorganizations and liquidations, and to exercise <br /> or sell stock subscription or conversion rights, ! <br /> i <br /> E. To hold securities or other pro��erty in the name o£ the � <br /> Trustee ox his nominee, with or without disclosing to tnird � <br /> persons the trust relatio�iship. . i <br /> I <br /> F. To employ agents and counsel wnen the Trustee deems it I <br /> - necessary and to pay them reasonable compensati,on. , <br /> G. To decide how and ,in what proportions recei;lts and dis- <br /> , I � bursemerxts of all kinds shall be credited, charged, or <br /> , , I apportioned as bettiveen income and principal. i <br /> i <br /> � H. To divide or distribute property in cash or wholly or paxtly � <br /> , in kind, at such valuations as the Trustee considers fair, <br /> and to sell property for. the purpose of making division or <br /> � ' � ,, <br /> CI7.$4X1��1.1C3(tiA �, <br /> , , _�� , . � i� �. -r 1>>,:�. <br /> � <br />