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� <br /> I <br /> HALL COUNTY, NEBRA <br /> IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRAS�A �� ��� <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE ) p�F�,-,y. � 1�fv� <br /> OF R. LYLE PARKIN, ALSO KNOWN ) F I N A L D E C R E E "" <br /> AS ROBERT LYLE PARKIN, DECEASED � � �T � <br /> � �� .i ,� <br /> �--�-�:..T.� .c,� <br /> N�w on this �_��ay of May, 1963, this matter came on to li�'���uo�� <br /> •heard on the Final Report filed herein by the said L. Grace Parkin, <br /> Administratrix of the estate of R. Lyle Parkin, also known as <br /> Robert Lyle Parkin, deceased, and for the distribution of personal <br /> property of said estate, and the evidence and was submitted to the <br /> Court upon consideration whereof the Court finds as follows : <br /> l. That due and legal notice of the time and place of hearing <br /> of said Final Account has been given to all persons interested in <br /> said estate as by law provided; that Notices required by Iaw were <br /> waived and were mailed and an Affidavit of same is on file. <br /> 2. T'ne Court further finds that the additional costs and <br /> expenses have been involved and not set forth in the Final Report <br /> as follows ; <br /> Richard M. Ely, Accountant, Preparation of <br /> Estate Income Tax Return $22.50 / <br /> Personal Taxes, 1963 21.78 � <br /> Total additional expenses $44.28 <br /> 3. The Court further finds that the Final Report should be <br /> corrected to read as follows: <br /> T",zat the balance on hand for distribution of $4,429.19 should <br /> be subtracted therefrom the additional deductions and expenditures <br /> authorized herewith in the amount of $44.28 which is set forth above <br /> which leaves a balance on hand for distribution in the sum of <br /> $4,384,89. ' <br /> 4. The Court further finds that the heirs at law and only <br /> heirs at law of the deceased and persons interested in said estate <br /> are as follows : <br /> L. Grace Parkin, widow, Grand Island, Nebraska <br /> Louis Do Parkin, son, Overland Park, Kansas <br /> Larry M. Parkin, son, Tucson, Arizona <br /> all of legal age. . <br /> 5. The Court further finds that the distribution should be <br /> as follows • <br /> Louis D. Parkin, 37,5% _ $1,644.33 � <br /> Larry M. Parkin, 37.5% = 1,644.33 '( <br /> L. Grace Parkin, 25% = 1,096. 23 � <br /> 6a The Court further finds that a partial Distribution to the <br /> three heirs named above was ordered by this Court on November �, <br /> 1962. <br /> ' 7. The Court further finds after full examination of the said <br /> - Final Report that the same is correct and should ,be approved and <br /> allowed. ' <br /> � ,>-•J� <br />