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(��ertift��f� nf ��er�a�� <br /> THE STAT� OF NEBRASI�A, � <br /> ss. Il� THE COUNTY COURT: <br /> Buffalo Coimty, <br /> I, °T• K''a-�?� Tt�Yl,ar Com�ty Jndge, within and for said Coiznty of Buffalo <br /> a�id State of Nebraska, aild keeper of the records and seal tllereof, hex•eby certify that I have exaxnined the 1 <br /> �vithin and foregoina copy of the record of the �AST '.'TLT R TF�'"^'T'�,�m, ('�'�'T?`^TrqmF nr ?:np�,�,mr <br /> �'f FI?�`��,L DECP�EE, I?�. the r�ia.�ter c>f the estate of' 'r�+-lllian C. Kemptar, Deceased, <br /> "'oe 1003�:; Docket 15, Page l31 <br /> and have comparecl ali of the foregoina �vith the ori;inal record thereof now remaining in said court ancl have <br /> fonnd same to be a correct transcript therefrom and of the ivhole of said original record. <br /> IlV TESTIMONY l�.I��RFOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affiYed the seal of saicl Court, on t}�is <br /> 25th day of 'Farch, �.°j0 <br /> T rT n 7�T-j r r• <br /> <,Q ��.:-ti...� ` 1�.1�',l':,. <br /> County Jndge. <br /> ��: � - ` <br /> 13y -%�-�-�c_�_,f'� :��,�y r..T <br /> ` � � `j Clerl� of the County Cottrt. <br /> �116d tOf f6COfd J�e 12 70 et 9• A WI In Book �9 ot Wills and Decrees <br /> page� `� Register of Ueeds, Hali Coanty, Nebraska <br /> Rose A Jacobsen <br />� <br />