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�erttfirttf� �f ���b�tttie �af �ii1 <br /> HUB PRINT-L1TH0, NEV <br /> THL ST��TL OF` NEB12t1SI�:�, � <br /> SS. �� Cn��xYt$� C�n�.trt. <br /> COU\TTY OI' BLTFP`ALO, <br /> In the matter of the estate af '�r�.1Z�.at2 �• i�emptar deceased. <br /> I hereby certify that on the 2nd day of 1��Cetr�er, i�� the tore�oing instrument <br /> of writin� to which this r,ertificate is attachecl was duly probated and allotived as the Last "Till and Testament. <br /> of' �:�.L•�ry� %e '��'"'?�'r deceased and <br /> the same was dnly filed and er�terecl upoii the probate records of said cotmty. - <br /> ��Titness m,y hand and official seal, this ��� day of DBCe�'i�er� l�u <br /> (S�AL) <br /> FL"�'*tif:� A�. :-II,�O�J <br /> County Judge. <br /> r�.Z��� a�:;C �, 1;'6�i. t-:�`v_:::Y l�i. t�T��.SU?�� County Judge <br /> S.5�` <br />