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-. �,�-� . <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> OF <br /> WILLIAM C. KEMPTAR <br /> KI�Otd ALL N,iN BY TFIESE PRESENTS,� that I, 4?:' : :;.am C. Kemptar of Ravenna, Buffalo <br /> County, Nebraska, being of sound mind, fully aware of the nature and extent of <br /> my property, active in �y business and social affairs, and the persons to whom said <br /> property would descend in the absence of this Will, do hereby make, publish and <br /> declare the following to be my LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, hereby revoiing all former <br /> Wills by me made. <br /> FIRST: I order and direct my Executor, hereinafter named, to first pay <br /> all of my just debts, includinG the expenses of my last illness� death and burial, <br /> 1 �- • f � � � //i <br /> as soon after my de.�th as possible. ,�,1�r'-j,�:�7�..r_.,(.:, w..�,c�l �._r."C�.c�-,:�v,�/j,;�-c ,�.'-!�� ( ( ' ;� .-_ <br /> � - - /., , ��--(�� �f f' % <br /> ��(,-Y. ,(��1.(L,��; Q-�i Z�i�� ��.(o;�_-l_L'�, C� �)"YC�'� ��''.2.. Z; .I r �t,•� <br /> JSECO.iD: I hereby give, iJi�l and c%evise a11 of �my right title and interest��', <br /> J <br /> in and to the following described real estate to my wife, Alyce Kemptar: <br /> Sout.i East quarter (SE4), Section two (2), Township twelve <br /> (12), North, Bange thirteen (13), West of the 6th P.M., <br /> Buffalo County, nebrasica. <br /> . TI;IRD: After payment of said debts, I give, tdill, and bequeath to <br /> my wife, Alyce 1Cemptar, a11 personal property that I may own or be possessed of <br /> at the time of my death. <br /> FOURTH; I direct that my Bxecutor set aside a portion of my estate �real estate? <br /> ecual in value to (a) one-half of the value of my ad;usted gross estate (�;ross <br /> estate less funeral and administrztion expenses and claims and debts out beio-�e <br /> tne deduction of estate and inheritance taxes) as finaily determined for Federal <br /> Estate Tax purposes, Iess (b) the value of all interesLs in property, if any, w'tiich <br /> pass ar have passcd �o r,y wife under other provisions of t:iis, ny tdill or otherwise <br /> t;.c�n urde-r this 'vlill, but only to the extent tha� such interests are for the ourpose <br /> of the Federal Es�ate Tax included in determining my oross taxable estate and <br /> allowed as a marital deduction. All values shall be those finally determinecl tor <br /> rederal �state Ta:c purposes. I give, devise and bequeath the said portion to my <br /> wife, Alyce, absolutely. <br /> FII'TH: I �ive, idill, devise and bequeath, to my wife, Alyce, a life <br /> • estate in and the rents and inc.ome from all of the �est, residue and remainder of� <br /> my pronerty, so lon� as she may live. <br /> � �_. ` <br /> �� <br />