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this eaid i�aheritanee ia taxed at the rate of 6% or $?5.66. That the tax due <br /> from the said nieces and neph�ws is $453. 9b. That the total tax due froxn <br /> 8.I.1 Of �lE devisee� and legatees ia $549. 64. That the Executor has paid this <br /> said amount in due court. 'I'h�t of thi� aaid amount� Hall Ccrunty is entitled <br /> to ?4% or $406. '73, and Adarne Gounty is entitled to 26% or $142. 91. <br /> IT L�, TH�EtEFORE, �RDE�t.ED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that <br /> the matters contained in the Executor's Petition are true, and that the final <br /> report filed by the Executor is approved, allowed and settled. That the <br /> Inheritance Tax due from the devisees and legatees is a� set forth herein- <br /> before� and that the real estate owned by the deceaeed at the tixne of death <br /> is hereby assigned to the persons and ir► the respective shares as set forth <br /> hereinbefore, and that the money in the hands of the Executor should be dis- <br /> tributed by him in the shares as set forth herein, and that the Executor shall <br /> � file with the court receipts for the distribution of these funds, and that at <br /> that time the Executor shail be discharged from his duties and his bon�. � <br /> BY THE COUa2T <br /> SEAL Harry C. Haverly, <br /> County Judge � <br /> I <br /> . �w.1�,Fj+�"� <br /> '�. <br />