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{ ", , -r <br />;� . <br />� C O P Y . <br /> LAST WILL AND T'ESTAMENT <br /> I, MARY O'MEA2A, being of sound and disposing <br /> mind and memory, and not acting under fraud or undue <br /> influence or duress, and now legally domiciled in <br /> � Hastings, Ad.ams County, Nebraska, do hereby make, <br /> publish and declare, this to be -ny Last Will and <br /> Testament, and I do hereb� revoke all forner Wills <br /> <nade by me. <br /> FIRST: I hereby direct my Executor, hereinafter <br /> appointed to pay all of my just debts, expenses of last <br /> . illness, funeral expenses and expenses of ad.-ninistering <br /> my estate. <br /> SECOND: I hereby give and bequeath the sum of <br /> $300.00 to St. Cecilia' s Catholic Church of Hastings, <br /> Nebraska, for Holy Masses for the repose of my soul. <br /> 'IrriIRD: All the rest, residue and remainder of <br /> my estate, wnether real or personal and wherever situated, <br /> I hereby give, devise and bequeath to my �arother and <br /> sisters, Thomas E. Donlon, Lor2tta Quinn and Elizabeth <br /> Kieffe in equal shares, share and shar� alike to be <br /> theirs absolutely and forever. In the event of the death <br /> of any of the four named persons, their children, if any <br /> there be, sha11 take the share of their parent so deceased. <br /> Sh�uld any of the aforenamed persons die leaving no <br /> issue, then the share of such deceased pQrson shall be <br /> Pa, divided equally am�ng the remaining of those so na�ned. � <br /> Page One of Two Pages <br /> ��� <br /> � <br />