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.�: Page -2- : • <br />; - <br />� <br /> . estate; and tnat all clairns allowed against this estat� have <br /> been ��aid, settled an•3 satisf ie3 in ful1, as �iave all ex�enses <br /> of ad-riinistration in�ludi•ng Court costs. � <br /> 2e T'�at i�Iary E, O'I�ieara, deceased, died testate, on the <br /> 25tn ��ay of April, 1969, a resident of Hastings, ��.ams County, <br /> N��bra_:ka, and leit as her s�le and only �=irs at law, the <br /> following named per s�ns, all o.f wizome are cf 1e�a1 age: <br /> Elizabeth Kieffe----Sister <br /> Leretta Quinn-------Sister <br /> � 3. That said deceas�d at th=_ time of h�r deat'rn, was the <br /> �wner of the follc�,,rin� descri�=_d :real estate, to wit: <br />, West :3alf (W'�) oc S�uti�west Quarter (St�'4) of S�ction <br /> Thirty-fcur (34) , To�,,mship �Iine (9) , North, Range Ten <br /> (10) , T,�'est oi t�e 6th P .1�i. in uall County, N,=brasica; <br /> And <br /> An undivide3 one-third interest in ti�e North =ialf (I�1�z) � <br /> of tne Ncrti.Vr�st Quarter (PJW4) of Sectio� Thirty-four <br /> ' (34) , Towns��i,-� '�:ine (9) , i�I�rtn, Ran�e Ten (10) West of <br /> the e'tn P.Id, in 3a11 County, Nebraska, <br /> and t:lat said real estate s:�ould �e assigned to Elizab�th Kieffe <br /> and Lo�etta Quinn in fe� simLle and e�ual sizares. <br /> 4. Ti�at ti�e re�naininy cash in th� acc�unt of tl�ie said <br /> Executor in t'ze :rn�unt c� $471.41 sizoald be assignzd to Elizab�th <br />� Kieffe a��d Lor2tta Quinn in �qual snares. <br /> �. That t:;e bequest to the 3t. Cecilia' s Catnolic ._,hurch <br /> of Nastin:,s, ^:=bra�:-_s, as co:�tained in the Last h'i11 and Testament <br /> of said �.ecGased, h?s 'a�en ;aid in fu�l. <br /> 6. T:zat Sta!�� Inherita:��a Ts:� �as b�en assessed in msnner <br /> r�quire:i by 1a�,a aizd �3id tas �nas b�en �aid in tull; and that <br /> said estate is z7�t �u�ject t� Federa� Lsta�e Ta=.o � <br /> IT IS� T-IEP.EFO�E, CO�ISIDE�E���, ORDE�ED, ADJL'DGFD AI�V'D DECREED <br /> BY T�IE COURT: <br /> i <br /> � <br /> l. 'lii�t Fii:al Re,��rt cT tne Executor b�= and the sa.•ne ' <br /> is nereby a;��rcve� an� a11c���ed as iiled. <br /> � �, <br />