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IN THE COUNTY COURT OF ADAMS COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br /> State of Nebraska, Adams County:ss � <br /> I, Harry C. Haverly, County Judge in and for <br /> said County and state hereby certify that the above <br /> and foregoing ie a true and correct copy of the <br /> DECREE on final settlement issued and filed in the <br /> matter of the estate of Sophie Ruhter, Deceased, all <br /> . as the Decree appears of record and in the files of <br /> this office. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand <br /> and aff�xed the seal of the County Court at Hastings, <br /> in Adams County, Nebraska, this 26th day of September, <br /> 1969. <br /> Harry C. Haverly, County Judge <br /> BY ���.�s ���!�rl�%L/ <br /> 5���:` Clerk County Court <br /> Filed for record October l, 1969 at 7- : 0 A. M, ' BOok 29 of Wills & Decrees , � <br /> Page ��O egis��r of �s�ds, Nall County, Mebraska <br /> flos� And OA S0A <br /> � <br /> � �,� <br /> s <br />