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: ' �;�� ��` <br /> ,� : „ . <br />�,� , .�; � , <br /> �;- r.. �° ,. <br />� � �� <br /> . 7I3 THE Ct7QNT3C COURT OF YbR� COUN�Y� �%A <br /> ]� THE MATT� OF THE �TATE <br /> OF DECREE <br /> I,�ID D. IATTFS, L�CEASED. <br /> TH75 MATPII3 came on to be heard on the �� day of Ju1.Y� 1969, , <br /> th�,getitioner being prosent in Court and represented by Richard L. Huber, <br /> ; <br /> h,er attorney, and showa 'the Court as f olloF7a s <br /> ��- <br /> That a Petition was filed �n this Court on the � day of July, <br /> i9b9, ��-�h, ��g °}�r ��gs� prayed $or a time and place for hearing to <br /> be held �oa the detez�dnation of an inheritance ta�r. The� petitioner fhrther <br /> s�,ates thst the deceased, I,eo D. Lottes, held in �oint titls HaZeI: H• <br /> I,ottee, �th rights o�' survivorship, the follvwiag deseribed propertp situated <br /> in I�11 arid York Counties, Pxebraslc�, to-zrit� <br /> Lots (1ne (l�, �ao (2}, Tlu�ee {3) and Four (l�), Al.l in Block <br /> • Eight (8), in the To�wn of Bradsha�rr, York Caunty, Nebraska. <br /> Lot� sixt�-five (65� ana sia-ty-s3}c (6b�, in �,xa,�rtnoz�e p3ace^, <br /> locat�d on art of the Northwest Quarttr (Nk�) of Section - <br /> Twenty-two ��2), in TawrLshap �l.e�v�en (11y, North, of Range Niz� <br /> (9), Wes� of ths 6th P.M.� SaZl Cotuity, I3ebraal�s. <br /> Tha Court further finds that the real estate lacated in Yark CountJ, <br /> Nebrasl-,a, ie v�Zue� �t apprrncimate?y �2,000.00 and that th� real estate locat- <br /> ed in Ha11 Couaty, �7ehras�a, is valued a+„ $3,�OQ.4Q; that the part�s aZso had <br /> a �oint banlc account at the York Sta'�� BatLk of York, Nebras�.a in the a�tnt of <br /> w;.t70.UC and �.lso 3ointly owne�3 a 7.951a m=evrolet automobils va7.ued St $lOQ.QC7; <br /> tha� the� tottal. pz�upert� cFmed 3ointl;r �;� f.he parties hereto amounts to �5,?C10.OQ; <br /> that I,eo D. Lott;es� �iied in Yorl:, Yor= Count�', Nebraska, cn tlze 26th day of I�, <br /> � 19b9, 3nd that at; said de�th 'ck�^e� ::. Lotte�, and Leo D. Lottes �:ere #.he o*n*ners <br /> oi �he vbo��-described 3oint propF:rt;;r. <br /> tnr: Cour� �rther finds ��hat at the tun� of �h� death o� Leo D. <br /> Lottes, t.'�e S3�CI I�O D. Lottes and �iazel ;:. :wtte� o'�ned no .further reai e�-tate <br /> or prope�-t;,r �itLated `n the State of �tebrasl.a. <br /> �� �u� �rther sinds that t:�e cor�ent of f,tze Count�- ILttorne�, bY <br /> :;�.^ Io��:zitaz^„r lppe.rance, or. bel�aL�: of Yoric County, State of :tebraNka, an� ��he <br /> coti:e:�t or �he CountZT Attorne��, b;- "�zs Volunt�=s"; Appeas�nce, on bei-iaL of I-IaZl <br /> /8" 7 <br /> � <br />