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-2- <br /> (7) That said Nora Myrtle Splinter, deceased, died seized <br /> of the following described real estate, to-wit: <br /> The Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter <br /> (NE4NE4), Section Seventeen (17), Township <br /> Ten (10) North, Range Five (5} West of the <br /> 6th P.M., Hamilton County, Nebraska. � <br /> The North 58.3 feet of the West One-Half (WZ) <br /> of Lot 3 of Vantine's Subdivis�on, located on <br /> part of the NW4, Section 22, Township 11 North, <br /> Range 9 West of the 6th P.M., as the same is <br /> surveyed, platted and recorded, in the City of <br /> Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska, <br /> all of which was sold and converted into cash by the Executrix <br /> in accordance with terms of the Last Will and Testament of said <br /> deceased. <br /> (8} That there is now left in the hands of the Executrix <br /> the swn of $33,104.93 for final distribution and that there is no <br /> other or further property of any nature whatever remaining. <br /> (9) That by the terms of the Last Will and Testament of <br /> said deceased the said sum remaining is bequeathed and should be <br /> assigned and delivered as follows: <br /> Otis Leonard Splinter - - - $ 8, 276.23 <br /> Wilbur Herbert Splinter - - 8, 276.23 <br /> Stella Imogene Florea - - - 8, 276.23 <br /> Myrtle Genevieve Wilshusen- 8, 276.24 <br /> Total -- $33,104.93 <br /> WHEREFORE, it is considered, ordered and adjudged, that <br /> the final account oi the Executrix herein be and the same is <br /> hereby settled, allowed and approved; that the statements and <br /> alleoations in the petition for final settlement are true and <br /> correct; that the estate has been duly administered and ai1 <br /> claims, debts and expenses of administration have been duly <br /> � paid; that the inheritance and estate taxes have been fully <br /> paid; that said deceased died seized of the real estate set <br /> forth in paragraph 7 above, all of which has been duly sold <br /> and converted into cash by rne Executrix; tha t there is lef� <br /> in the hands of the Executrix the sum of $33, 104.93 whicr� by <br /> the terms of the Last Wi11 and Testament is assigned as set <br /> forth in paragraph 9 above; and that upon filing of receipts <br /> / : <br />