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J.-. . � <br /> � <br /> � <br /> � <br /> ; <br /> � <br /> � <br /> ; <br /> � <br /> 's <br /> . � <br /> IN THE COUNTY CO[A2T OF Ii�l�+AI2D COUNTY, lJEBRASKA � <br /> � <br /> IN THE MATTEFt OF TfiE ES'�'ATE ) � <br /> ) <br /> OF ) SiJPPLEMEl3'TAL FINAL DECREE ' <br /> ) <br /> EVELYN SORED7SEN, DECEASED ) <br /> � <br /> NOG� on this �,� day of P�arch, 1969, this matter came. on ry <br /> for hearing on the petition o£ Norman O. Sorensen praying that <br /> said estate proceedings be reopened for the purpose of <br /> tion by this court whether real property in Ha11 County, Nebraska, <br /> as hereinafter deseribed is subject to Nebraska inherifcance tax <br /> an@ tne eliniination o:E i;he potential Iien �or such tax, and the <br /> evidence, upon cansideration of which the court finc�s as fallowss <br /> {�) Upon the filinq of the p�tition ihis ca�urt set �the <br /> � matter for hearing an thifi date; -�hat noti�s of sai� hear;_ng <br /> has been publiWhed for thcee weeks in accordanc� with ��e oraer <br /> of this caurt as shown by tY�ie aff.idavit of pu:blica�ion on fi1e; <br /> th�t ar affid�vit shawing that cn�.ies of said not?ce w�re mailed <br /> to �11 ��rsons intereste� i.n said estate was timely �iled with <br /> this court; that th� court has jatrisdietion of tx�e matter. <br /> (?.) The allegations �f said petiti.�n are �ound ta bQ <br /> �rue; �hat tlae deceased Eve�yn �orensen �.Tas -�z�� c��,.-ra�r at �:�he �imQ <br /> af her c�eath as a �aint f.ena�a�: with th�ee oth�� ;a�r�R��-3s af the <br /> folJ_owing clescribed rea 1. �ropeYt�•: <br /> `irhe E�sterly Forty-si�; (E-�6} �eet of Lc�t �en (1i3} , and <br /> the ?�7esterly Fourt�an �W-Z�� feet af T.nt I�ine (�j in <br /> E31ock Tl-iree �3} in �iaxris Secand �iddi�ion tr� thE City <br /> ot Grand Island, Ha12 County, �5ebraska, <br /> beinc� na�ed i.z� the deed a s Eve 1yn V. Sor ensen; tY�a t ra�cea sed ti=a s <br /> nam�sd in said de�d with her husband, Norman U. Sorensen, her <br /> dangh�er, Dorothy J. Ruff, and her son-in-law, Rogor P. Ruf�', <br /> solely fnr the accomoc7atian of said dauc�hter and san-in-law; <br /> � � <br /> . <br />