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� <br />� , <br />��� _ � � <br />� � <br />�, <br /> s. , , <br /> s <br /> f <br /> ind�bted to Mar�areC C. A�e�a�aan i� tte a�unt a£ �1��i,559.47 �ar <br /> �an�y advanced Co the� eetate and esta � debts paid b� her, and <br /> stiil b�ing �nd�bt�,d to IIernard M. I�c vwan far mv�ay advsncscl in <br />� the eetate account and for e�atete e�sp n�es p�,id by him in tha <br /> ar�wunt of �3,1'�3.54. <br /> The Cvurt further finds that the Executors herein ahould pay <br /> to Bsrnard M. McGawan fraca �he cash b lance dr► hand in th� estate <br /> accpux�t for money advanc�ed e,nd paid b hi�e the a�ounC owin�, of <br /> $3,].73.�4, anc3 thaC Che balance in Ch �st�te accvunt a£ $1,337.79 <br /> �hould be pa�4.d to I�argaret G. McGc>wan to app3,y on the estate in- <br /> debtedn�sa to her, leavin� a bal�nce u� $nc3 c�win� £ram this �aid <br /> est�te to �ia.rg8��t C. McGowan af $15, 22.66, repres�nting the <br />, balance of mon�y laaned and advanced tpy h�r and for �sta�e �x�ensea <br /> paid by her herein. ! <br /> The Court further finds �hat the Deceas�d was at the ti�+� o� <br /> h1s desth the awnez of the foiloeaing escribed real estat�, to-wit: <br /> Lot Thz�e (3), in B3.oc� One �-iuzxd �ed Twenty-5��en �127), <br /> �aenig and Wieb��s Additian to t�ie Cf.ty af Crand Isl�.nd, <br /> i"�ebrastc�,. ( <br /> ThE North�ea$t Quarter of tk�e Sout�hwest �uarter (�4��7�) <br /> of �ectian "�'h'hirty-�ive (3S), Tawc�ship T�n (IO) Nort�, <br /> 2�r�ge Twelt�e (12) West o€ the 6ti� I'rineipal R��ri�ian, <br /> ��a1.1 Coun�q, i��bra��ka. ' <br /> , <br /> . The South �If of �he ivorthwest �,uarter �S���WW�) c�nc� C�e <br /> Southw�s� C�arter (S�f4) o� Sec�i n Two (2), Tr�wns�.ip � <br /> t�ir�� (9) �Iarth, Ran�e �welve (12 , '�3�s� oE the 6 th <br /> Principal A2eridian, �Iall County, T�ebra�ka. <br /> i <br /> Lots Three (3) �nd Four (4) vn Z�land in the �authwest <br /> Cuart�r (S�i�) of Seeti4n �:leven �il), '�ownship �tine (9) <br /> :dorth, �ng,e Twelv� (12) YJeaC t�� ;th� GC� �rincipal <br /> Tieridian, Hall Coun�y, ;deUx�ska, � <br /> i <br /> anel finds that under the Las�C �#ill anc� �estam�nt a� the Deeeaseci, <br /> such r�a1 prvperty was devis�d and be u�at�ed �.o �:ar�ar�� �;. i�c�awan <br /> for and durin� h�r naturai li£e and u�an h�r c�eath, to P•lary Yi. <br /> ��cGow�n and Bernarc3 r2. P��ct�awa,n in equal s�aares and firzc�s that such <br /> real property should t�e assi�n�d and �st over ta 2��ar�aret G. t�cGowan <br /> far and during her na�ural li�etime � d �pon hex d€:e�th, to �".sry P•�. <br /> MeGQwan and Bernard tvT. McGawan, �ub,�ec�t, how�ver, to the paym�nt to <br /> �ar�e.ret C. McGowan of tl�e b�lanc€� c�f ��15,321.66 due t�er on acco�nC <br /> of �oney adv�nced tp John C. 2�icGowan i��stat�. <br /> � <br /> The Court furt�er ffnd� �hat Johnj G. ��cGows� was in his iife- <br /> time the own�r of an undivided one-ei��th inter�st i.n and to �h�: <br /> i�ienry L. �-icGowan Tru�t ;�state, a�ad finjds that under the T�,�st i�Jill <br /> and T�sCamen� of the �3ece�sed, his int�re�t in g�xch Trust was de- <br /> vised and beqta�athed to i�,,�,r���et C. P�tc ow�n for and durin�; hex <br /> lifetime and upon h�r d�ath, in equ�l �harc�s to �Y�ry M. 1�cGocas.n <br /> and Bexnard A�. McGawan absalutely, andjfinds that �uc?� one-ei�hth <br /> inter�st in such Henry L. I�lcGocaan Trus� E��ate should be �,sai�ned <br /> and �et over t� r�ar��ret C. �2cGowan far an�3 �urin� her I.i£et1m� <br /> a�ci upon her de�tk�, �o I�ary M. P'icGow�n; ,�nd Bernarci g�. McGo�aan in <br /> � equal share,s. ; i <br /> i <br /> I <br /> _4_ � ; <br /> i <br /> � <br /> ; <br /> � <br /> I � <br />