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I� TH� COUNTY ��URT 0� HA,LL CUU�TY, NE�I�A�KA <br /> IN TN� MATTEA 0�' THE ESTATL� ) <br /> . � <br /> � �� ) FI�AL yLC�CE� <br /> ) <br /> J�HN C. MeGt�WA�I, i7EC�,ASEI3 ) <br /> EVOW OT3 THIS 3lat day of T3seember, 1968, �his inatter ceme on <br /> before the Court for hearirc� upon the Final i��port af the �:xecutar� <br /> and upon �heir �'etiticm prayin� that s�id �:eport be $7.lrrw�d, for a � <br /> d�cree of heirship, an order of di�tribution, and for final settl�- <br /> ment �nd dischar�e of the Ex�cutor�; and the Gour�, ef t�r havi�,� <br /> exanined such Fi.nai Repart an�i �etition for �'inal Se�tle►n�nt, to- <br /> ��ther �€ the records And �il�s, and aft�r h�vin� been fully <br /> �c:v�.ser1 in th� pr�rnis�s, finds that due and l��al notice has been <br /> g,iven ta all persons inCer�sted in this ssid estste -of the ti�ue and <br /> place fixed for hearin,� u�on the Final Re;�ort and Petition for �'inal. <br /> SettZ�cnent, both by pub2ica�ion and by th� nzaiiing of notice to aIl <br /> persons :Lnterested, sll as �hown by the proof of pub3.i���ion and <br /> affi.dav�t of nofiice filed herein, and no one appearin�; ta ob�jact to <br /> such �'ina2. Report and F��tition for �inal Se�tl�ment, the Gaurt �x- <br /> arnined the :�ar�e, to�ether with the £iles anc3 testimor�y in support <br /> thereo�, aad af ter havin� been f ully advised in th�, finds <br /> as► foliows: <br /> That Jnhn C. McGawan depa�t�:d th�� Iife on the 29th d�y of <br /> April, I966, and that h€� was at �he time of his d��th a residen� and <br /> inY��t�i.tan� of Grand Tsland, Hall Caunty, Idebr�ska; th�t h� l�ft star•. <br /> vivin� as his soi� �nd only heir� at law �he f�lZowing. <br /> M�r�aret C. A1cGawan, �uxviving spause <br /> Mary M. t�icGowan, dau�hter <br /> B�rnard M. McGowan, sqn. <br /> 'FMaC all of such h�irs are of full, le�a1 ag�. <br /> 'rhat an the 13th d�y o� Jur�e, 196b, a duly verified P�titian <br /> was fi1�cl in this Gourt graying for thes allawenee and prcba�e of <br /> an �.nstrument purportin� to b� th� Laat WiZI and Testament of Jahr� <br /> �. MeGow�n� D�ees�ed, and pr�eyin� fcr th� �ppoint�ne�nt ef MAry M. <br /> 1�1cGowan and Bern�rd M. tyfcC,crc,tan, named �s ExeevCors in such Will, <br /> es sueh �x+��uCors. That an Ord�r of Chis Ct>urt t�rss duiy mffide and <br /> �n�ered on �he 13th day of Je�ne, Z96b, se�tin� snd ass��i,n� th� <br /> �flth day af July, 1966, at 10r40 o�c2ock �.�. as the time ��r hear- <br /> ing upon such Petition; that due not�.ce flf the Cim�e and. plac� of <br /> �uch he�ring was d�sly given� both bg publ.ication ar�d b� t�� �na�ltn� <br /> of cespie� of �he notic� of h+saring to all pe�sans ir�tere�ted, �11 <br /> es shefn►m by proa� of p�blicatior� and effidavi� a� �railin� c,f c�otiee <br /> d�Iy filed he�+�tn. 'Thet therer���er, and �m Ch� 8th d�y a� Ju�,ys <br /> 19b6, such hea�ing �+aa dt�ly held ant� �ti+�h d�s�� t�as d�tly p�p�m, <br /> aZlaw�d, and a:r�itted to �robate as snd for �h� Lamt t�i�.I and TesCa� <br /> �nt uf ,��hn C. I9.�Gc�t,t+�n, I9eiceased, a�d Mary M. MeGcn�ra,n �d &e�r,d <br /> M. M��+�an, n�d as �x��Co�s in �u�h �Ti11, a,�re o� �aid da�� dvly <br /> �t�p4i�ted a� �x��utQrs a�nd duly quBli�i�d �� su�h a��d I.,�rt�er� '��s� <br /> tam�ntary n�sre dvly i�au�d �t� the�. <br /> 1Yr�~ <br /> G <br />