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NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br /> �U�3 <br /> IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE 3TATE OF IOWA IN AND FOR SCOTT <br /> COUNTY - <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE WILL OF ) <br /> ) , ORDER ADMITTINa WILL TO PROBATE <br /> Frank A. Hetzel DECEASED <br /> � <br /> On thia 11th da,y o� July, 1927, this matter cames on for hearing and proving the inatrument <br /> beaxin� date the 3rd day of December, 1920, whieh was- heretot'ore filed and publialy read by the <br /> C1erk of thia Court, and purporting to be the Last Will and Testament oP Frank A. He�zel, deceaeed. <br /> The Court finds tha� said Fra,nk A. Hetzel departed this life at Davenport, Sowa on the 5th c'l�,y <br /> of June, 1927, being at the time of death a reaident oY 9cott County, and that this Court ha,s <br /> �urisdiction of this ma.tter. <br /> The Court fur�her finds that due notice oP the time set for hearing thia ma,tter ha.s been duly <br /> �iven by pub�i�ation in the Davenport Democrat & Leader as required by law and the previous order <br /> of this Court. <br /> Trail is �her�upon had to the Court, Cook & BalluPf appearing for the probate of said instru- ' <br /> ment, and no on� appearing to contes� the, and the Court having heard the proofa and <br /> evidences adduaed, and being fully advised in the premises, Pinda, that said instrument is in due <br /> form o�' 1aw and executed according td law, that said Frank A. Hetzel at the �ime of executing the <br /> same was of saund mind, full age, and aompe'�ent to dispose of his property by will, and tha� it ie <br /> the La�t W111 and Tee�ament of Frank A. Hetzel, deceased. <br /> St is thereupon ordered by the Court that said instrument be and the same is hereby admitted <br /> to probate as a good and valid will, and as the La,st Will and Testamen� of Frank A. Fietzel, de- <br /> ceased, and tha,t it be recorded as such, which is aacordingly done, in Will Record A1o. 17 page 426 <br /> of the Probate Records of this Court. <br /> It is further ordered by the Court that Thekla Haa.k Hetzel named in said will as Executrix '� <br /> thereof, and exempted from giving any bonds as such, be and ahe is hereby appointed such Executrix, �! <br /> and that upon her quallfying by taking the oath required by law, Letters Teatamentary wi�h a <br /> eertified copy of' said wi11 annexed issue to her. <br /> Sa1.d Executri.x is diree'�ed to give �notice of her appointment by posting a notice thereof at <br /> �hrEe public pla.Qes in Scott Coun�y, Iowa, one of which shall be at the Court House. <br /> W. R. Ma.ines <br /> udge <br /> ENDORSEMENT: No. 127�4 <br /> IN PROBATE <br /> Ma�Gt-er oP the Will of <br /> Frank A. Hetzel <br /> Deeeased <br /> ORDER OF PROBATE <br /> FILED <br /> Jul. 11, 1927 <br /> Emil F. Schroder � <br /> Clerk Dis�riet Cour� <br /> Scott County, Iowa. <br /> IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA, IN AND FOR SCOTT COUNTY <br /> 3TATE OF IOWA, Seott Coun�y, sa. <br /> I, ELMER JENS, Clerk of the DistriCt Cour� of the State of Iowa, in and for said County, do <br /> hereby certify that the Poregoing is a true, compared and perfeet transeript oP Proof of Death; <br /> Last Will and Te�tament of Frank A. Hetzel, deQeased; and, Order Ad.mitting Will '�o Probate, - all <br /> in the Matter of the Laet Will and Testament of Frank A. Hetzel, deceased, being in Probate Cause <br /> No. 1274� - as the same appears of record or on file in my office. <br /> I Purther certify th�.t the Last Will and Testament of th8 5aid Frank A. Hetzel, decea�ed, waa <br /> duly proved, allowed and admitted to probate according to the laws and usages of �Che State of Iowa. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at my � <br /> offiee in Davenpor�, in said County, this 21$t day of June, A.D. 19�+9• <br /> Elmer Jens <br /> (SEAL) Z��er�kk�is�riet Court <br /> STATE OF IOWA, Seott CQUnty, as. <br /> I, G1enn D. Relly, one of the Judges o� the District Cour't of the Sta�e of Iowa, in and for <br /> the Seventh JudiciaZ Diatrict of said State, composed of the Counties of Scott,Clinton, Musaatin� <br /> and Jaekaon, do hereby certify tha� ELMER JENS who has given the preceding aertifiQate, was, at <br /> the �ime of so doing, the Clerk oP the Distr-ict Court of the State of Iowa, in and for Saot� County, <br /> in said Distriat, duly qualified as suoh, that he is 'GY�e proper custodian oP the reeords of said <br /> Court, and �he proper officer to give such eer�ificate, and that the is in due Porm of law. <br /> Witnesa my hand at Da.venport, Iowa, this 21st day of June, A.D. 1g49. <br /> alenn D. Kell <br /> 3�uc�ge`f) s�� Court, <br /> Seven�h Judicial District <br /> STATE OF IOWA, Seott County, �s. <br /> I, Elmer Jens, Clerk of �he Distric� Court of the State of Iowa, in and for said County, do <br /> hereby certify that �he Honorable Glenn D. Kelly, who has given 'Ghe preceding ce�tificate, was, at <br /> the time of so doing, one of �he Judgea of �he Dlstrict Caurt of the Seventh Judicial Dlstrict of <br />