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�-��� <br /> WILL AND DECREE RE�CORD <br /> 28081—The Auguat3ne Co., (3rand Island, Nebr. <br /> LA3T WILL AND TEaTAMENT <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, IN THE I�AME OF aOD, AMEN. I <br /> I, Peter T. Paulsen, being of sound mind and dispoaing memory do hereby make, publish and de- <br /> clare this to be my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking any and all former Willa by me made, <br /> in rnanner and form following �Ghat is to sayt <br /> 1. <br /> I hereby direct that my executor, hereinafter named, pay all of my ,�uat debts, ineluding ex- <br /> p6nses oP my last sickness and Puneral bills, so soon as is reasonab2y convenient after my demise, <br /> aut of the assets of my estate. <br /> 2. <br /> I hereby �ive, devise and bequeath my property at 322 Flrst Street, a�ar�d Island, Hall <br /> County, Nebraska, together with a11 furniture and fixtures therein contained, to my beloved sister- <br /> in-law, Kathryn Margaret Rose, for and during her na�ural 11f etime; �he to have the righ'� to oaeupy <br /> sa3.d premises as her residence during her lifetime. �hould she vacate said premise� than this <br /> legacy sha11 lapse and the premises are to �o to my beloved ehildren, Lydia V. Travis, Christy M. <br /> Davies and Paul R. Paulsen, share and share a11ke. Durin� her occupancp oP 'the premises she shall <br /> pay a11 0�' the taxes and special a�sessments and keep �h.e -�rvperty insured and ln a reaso�able <br /> state of repa3r, during her 13fetime and upon Pailur� so �o do the property herein deaaribed shall <br /> paas and descend under the residuaxy c7.ause of ��-11. And upon the death o�' my belo�ed sister- <br /> in-law, Kathr9n Margaret Rose, then said real estate above described sha7.1 pass and descend t�nto <br /> my beloved chlldren, Lydia V. Travis, Ch�is�y M. Davies and Paul R. Paulsen, equally, share and <br /> shar� alike, in fee simple title. <br /> _�1• <br /> I hereby �ive, dev�ise and bequeath unto my belo�red sister-in-law, Kathryn Mar�aret Rose, my <br /> fam�.ly automobile. <br /> �F. <br /> A11 the res�, residue and remainder of my property, both real and personal or mixed, vf what- <br /> ever nature and wherever sltua�e, I hereby give, devise and bequeath unto m� beloved children, <br /> Lydia V. Travig, Christy M. and Paul R. Paulsen, eclually, ehare and share .alike, in �'ee <br /> simple title. <br /> 5• <br /> I hereby appo3.nt as executor vP this my Last W111 and Teatament, CY�risty M. Davies, and re- <br /> quest that h� be allowed to serve withou� �iwing bond. <br /> TN WITNESS WHEREaF T have hereunto set my hand this 19th day oF August, A.D. 1948. <br /> W3tness: Peter T. Pa�zlsen <br /> F. L. Pierce es a or. <br /> �.- u�Fir— <br /> We, whose names are hereunto subseribed do hereby certify that the testator, Peter T. Paulsen, <br /> signed the above and �Qregoing instrument in our presence, and at that time declared the same to <br /> be his La,st Will and Testament, and we, at his request and in his presenee and in t�e pre�ence of <br /> each other, have hereunto set our narnes as subscr�.bing witneases. <br /> F. L, Pieree Of Grand Island, Nebr. <br /> �m�r Of Grarid Island, Nebr. , <br /> HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA F Z L E D J�t 20 19�+9 CHARLES BOSSERT COUNTY Jt1Dt�E <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA ) CERTIFICATE 4F PR�BATE OF WILL <br /> HALL COUNTY )8$' <br /> At a Sess�.on of the County Cour� held in the County Court Room 1n (�rand Island, in said County, <br /> on the 16th day of February A.D. , 19�9 <br /> Present Charles Boesert County Jud�e <br /> In �he Ma'�ter of the Estate of <br /> Peter T. Paulsen , Deceased � <br /> I, Charles Boasert, Judge of the Cvunty Cour'�, in and for said County, do hereby eertiPy that <br /> on the 20th day of January 1949, the instrume�� purporting �Go be the last will and testa,ment o�' <br /> Peter T. Paulsen. deceased, was filed for proba'�e in �his Court. That on the 16th day of February <br /> 1.94g, said instrument to which this eertificate is attached was duly proved, proba�ed and allowed <br /> as the last wi11 and testament oP the real and personal. estate of sa3.d Pe�er T. Paulsen decea�ed, <br /> and the same was ordered to be recorded in the records of the Cotzrt afvre�aid. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREDF I have her�unto set my hand and affixed the seal oP the Coun�y Court, thls <br /> 16th day of Februar� 19�9 <br /> (9Epi,) Charles Bossert <br /> oun y u ge <br /> IN THE C�UNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEHRA9KA. ' <br /> In the ma'�ter of the es�a�e ) ESTATE N0. 4027 <br /> � <br /> o�' ) DE CREE <br /> Peter T. Paulaen., Deceased. <br /> � <br /> Z'his cause �ame on for hearing th�s 27th da,y oP July, 1g�-9, upon the final report and pe�ition <br /> of the executrix for settlem�nt and distribution. � <br /> The Court finds that pursuant to order af this court notice of the place and time for hearing <br /> upon sueh report has been given to a11. coneerned by publication for the ti�e and in the manner r�- <br /> quired by law and upon the County Attorney o� Hall County, Nebraska. <br /> The Court finds that: the claima� flled against suoh estate have been paid; the f�rther filing <br /> of elaims agains� such es�ate i� barred by order and notiee in the manner and form provided by <br /> atatute; the costs and expenses oP administr�tion have been paid, includin� fee of at�orney for <br /> executrix, �Che heirs at law o�' deeeased are the persons hereina�ter specifically named; the will of <br /> such deaeased deviaes and bequeathe the real property hereinaPter deseribed and furniture and Pix- <br /> �ures �o Kathryn M�.rgaret Rose for and during her natural 11Petime, and remainder over to Lydia V. <br /> �ravis, Chris�y'�M. Da,v3es and Pau1 R. Paulsen, dau�Yiters and son of the testator; the inheritance <br /> tax on the and bequest to Kathryn Margaret Rose has heretofare been de�ermined and paid; <br /> • .�. <br />