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��� <br /> NO. 9 HALL COUNTY <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and a�'fixed the seal of the County Court, thi� <br /> 14th day of JuMe 19� <br /> (s�) Charnes Bosaert <br /> HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D JUN 1�- 19� Y u ge <br /> CHAALES BOSSERT COUNTY JUDaE. <br /> I1V THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE E3TATE ) • <br /> � � <br /> 0�" ) FINAL DECREE <br /> � <br /> GRAQE M. FARNHA.M, DECEA3ED ) <br /> On this 20th day of July, 19�-9, this eause came on for hearing upon the final report of <br /> Harry C. Farnham, executor of the estate of arace M. Farnlaam, deceased, and upon the petition ot' <br /> said executor ��r the allowance a.nd approval oP report and settlement oF said estate, and the <br /> Court being fully advised in the premises f3nds tha'� due and 1ega1 no�ice ha.s been given to all <br /> persons of the time and place fixed by the Co�rt �'er the hearing upon aaid final report, and there <br /> being no ob�ections to said report and the Court having egamined the same, together with the <br /> eouchers on .file, finds that said report is true and that the same ought to be approved and allowed <br /> as and for the final report of sa3d executor and said eatate settled and closed. <br /> The Court further find,a that the said Graee M. Farnha� departed this life February 13, 19�1-, ' <br /> in �lenver, Coloradm, that being the place oP her residence at the time of her death; tha,t she left <br /> no estate in the State of requirin� administration, that she was passeased oY an interest <br /> Sn real estate located in Hall Cvunty, Nebraska and tY3at ahe left a Last Will and Testamentf that <br /> a peti�3.on for probate waa f31ed on May 19, 19�, asking that said ins�rument be admitted to proba'�e <br /> as the Last Will and Testament o� 4race M. F'arnham, deceased, and that le�ters testa.menta,ry be <br /> 1ss�zed to Harry G. Farnham and upvn hearing held upon said petl�ion after notice was duly� given �m <br /> a11 persons interested Sn said es�ate, said estate wa� admitted to probate on Julq 10; 1944, and <br /> letters '�estamentary were dt�ly issued therea�ter by the Court to the said Harry C. Farnham upon the <br /> Pi13ng of bond and oath by him ae required by lav�. <br /> The Court further Pinds tha.t due and le�al not�.ce ha.� been �iven to all persone of the time a�c� <br /> place Pixed-by the Cmurt t'or filir�g alaims again�t the estate oP the deceased and that �he time so` <br /> Y3.xed has fullq eapired, and tha� all persons having claims against said eatate and not 2'iled <br /> wi'Chin the tlme limited by the Court are forever barred and excluded f'rom asaerting or settSng up <br /> any such alaims; the Ce►urt ttirther finda that the exeautor has pa3.d the funeral expenses and sll � <br /> d�bts a�ains� the estate and �he �osts of these proceedinge, tha'� he has made a ful.l and a0mplete , <br /> aaa0unting to the heirs-at-law of the deceden� of all asaets aomin� into hie possessior�, and finde <br /> tha� aaid e�tate 3s not sub�eet �v a federal eata�e tax under the lawa of the Uni�ed States or , <br /> to an lnheritance 'Cax. <br /> The �ourt fur�her finds tha.t the said Grace M. was pvssessed at the t�me oP her death <br /> of an interest in real estate loc ated in Aall County, Nebraska, described as �ollows: An undlvidefl <br /> one half interest in the 8outh HalP of the 1Qorthwest Quarter �(S�NW�) vf Section Thirty (30�, To�ri- <br /> �hhip Nine �9), Range Ten (10�, West of �he 6th P.M. , Hall Couatg, Nebraska. <br /> The Court further �'inds tha.t the said Grace M. Farnhaia left aurviving her ae her heira-at-l�w <br /> and only heir�-at-law her husband, Harry C. Farrlham, who is also kno�rn as Harry C1are Farnham, and <br /> one son, Harry J. Farnham, who is also known as Harry Jud Farnham, and that said ret�l e�tate <br /> hereinab��e--desaribed pa.8sed arid deseended �o eaeh an undlvided one hal� interest. <br /> IT TS, THER�FORE, ORDERED, ADJUD(�ED A1�D DECR�ED HY THE COiA�T that the repor� o� the eueautor <br /> of the ea�Cate of aracs M. Farnham, deQeased, be, and the same hereby is, in all thinga approved and <br /> allowed as and �'or his repo�t of 8aid adminietration of the aaseta of said esta�e, and said estate <br /> is hereby settled and the exeQUtor dischar�ed. <br /> IT I8 FURTHER 4RDERED, ADJUDQED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that all persons having any Q�ai�a <br /> againat said esta�e, iP any su�h ther� be, are forever barred, eM�oin��, and excluded from setting <br /> up or asserting an�► sueh elaim or estate. I� is �urther ordered, ad�udged and decreed by the Court <br /> tl�a'� the real estate hereina.bove-des-cribe8 paased and descended to the said Harry C. Farnham and <br /> Harry J. Fax��Ma.m as her sole heira-at-la� ari undinided one half interest to eaah. <br /> Charles Boaser'� <br /> oun y u ge <br /> In the County Court of Hall �o�'�y, �tebraska <br /> Certificate <br /> �TATE OF NEBRABKA, ) <br /> )ss. I, Charles Bossert Cmunty Judge of xall Ce>unty, Nebraska, dc� hereby <br /> HALL COUNTY ) certify that T have Qompared the foregoing oopy oP Last Will and Teeta- <br /> ment, Certificsate of Probate of Will and Final Deeree - IN THE MATTER <br /> QF THE EsTATE OF t�-RACE M. FARII+�HAM, DECEASED, wi�h the original record thereo�, nc� remaining iA <br /> said Ce�urt, that the same is a aorrect transcript thereof, and of the whole oP eucah original <br /> record; that said Court is a Caurt of Recsor$ haeing a seal, which seal is here'to attaehed; that <br /> eaid Court haa no Clerk authorized �o sign certifica'�es in his own name, _ and that I am the legal <br /> custodian of said Seal and of 'the Reeord$ oP said CQUr�, and tha.t the foregoing attestatSon is in <br /> due form of law. <br /> IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have hereunto set mq:: hand and afflxed the seal of �he Coun�y Court, at <br /> C€rand Island, thia 2�nd day o�' July �9�9• <br /> (gEAZ,) Charlea Bossert <br /> oun y u ge. <br /> Filed Por reaord �his 2� czay o� July 19�-9, at 9:15 0�eloak A.M. /��� <br /> l, <br /> ' eg��'�SeeY� <br /> o-.o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o_o-o-o_o_o-o-o-o_o_o-o_o-o_ao-o_o_o-o-o-o-c�o-o--o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o_o_o-o-o-o-o-o-o� <br />