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���� <br /> WILL AND DECREE R�CORD <br /> 28081-TouFraneis �'I.1�Koeehler, a son �ne Fifteer�th (1/15) In'�erest. <br /> To TYiomaa R. �oehler, a son, �ne Pif'�een�h (1/l ) Interest. <br /> To Rathleen Koehler, a d.a.ughter, One �ifteenth �l/15) Interest. <br /> To Patriak J. Kmehler, a aon, One fiYteenth (�/15) Interes'�. <br /> To Donald D. Koehler, a son, One fiPte�nth (1 15) =n�erest. <br /> Tv Ellen E. Roehler, a daughter �ne �iPteenth (1/1�) Interest. <br /> The court ft�rther finds that there ia nm personal propert;� le�'t by the deeedent Kathleen C. <br /> Koehler; that all oP the estate oP �.�.id Kathleen C. Koehler, decea�ed, dea�ends in acaordance with <br /> the intestate la�rs of the State of Nebpaska, and that the real property her�elnbePor� de�cribed <br /> descended as hereinbefore set forth in thi� Decres and is so assi�ned in fee �imple to saicl heirs <br /> sub�e�t tm the life estate oP Edward L. Koehl�r, tMe husband o� the deceaeed Ra�hleen C. Koehler. <br /> Ch�.rles Bossert <br /> E. <br /> In the County Court of Hall County, Nebraska <br /> - Certl�l�ate <br /> STATE �F NEBRASRA, ) <br /> )ss. I, Charles Bosser'� Cour�ty Judge o�' Hall County, Nebraska, d� hereby <br /> HALL COUNTY ) eer�lYy that I have aompared the fore�Qing copy of Final Dedree entered <br /> IN THE MATTEI3 OF THE ESTATE �F gATHLEE�t C. K�EHLER, DECEASED, with 'the <br /> original �ecord thereof, now remaining in said Couxt, tha�C th� same is a vdr�ect transc�rip� th�reo3', <br /> and of the whol� of such original record; that sai�! Court is a Court of Record haeing a seal, �hic�Yi <br /> seal is hereto a�taehed; that said Court ha.a no Clerk authorized to s3gn eerti�iestes in his own <br /> nam�, and tha� I am the l�gal custodian oP said Seal and o�' �he Reeorda of said �ourt, and that the <br /> Poregoin� attes�a�Gion is in due form o�' law. _ <br /> II� TESTIMONY WHEREO�' I have hereunto se'� my hand and aY�'i�ed the seal of the County Court, at` <br /> C#rand Is1aMd, this 21at day of Ju1.y 1g�+9. <br /> (3EAL) Charles Bc�sser'� <br /> oun �► u ge. <br /> Filed for reoord this 22 da.y oP July 19�9, at g:��j v'cloak A.�. <br /> ������� <br /> e� � s� o ee a <br /> 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-C-0-0-0-0-0-0--0-G-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-4-0-0-0-E3-0-0-0--0-�-0-0-0-4-0�0-0-�-0 <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. � <br /> Know a11 men by these pregents that I, Grace M Farnham, r�sidin� in the City oP Omaha, Do��las <br /> Coun�y, Nebrask�, being af lawYul age, oP saund mind and disposing memory, and knowing the �tr�- <br /> cer�ainty of life, do hereby make, publish, arid declare thia �o be my last will: <br /> First: I order and direat the paymsnt of all m�r �ust debts, the expe�ses of my l�,at illnesa, and <br /> my uneral expenaes; <br /> SeQOnd� All �he reat, reeidue, and �ema,inder 0P my estate, both real an8 personal, of every kind <br /> anc c�escript3on, wherever located, nox or hereaf ter c�wned by aie, I give, devise, and bequc�a�h unto <br /> my beloved husband and son iz� sharee and proper�iona herein set forth � Pc�llawa: <br /> Tm my husb�,nd, Harr� C Farnham - O�e-half Share <br /> TB my son, Harry J Farnham - One half Share <br /> said proper�y to be theirs absolutely and fo�ever; <br /> Th1rd: I nominate and appoin� my belo�ed husband, Harry �. F'arnlaam as the �xecutor o�' 'Ghis my <br /> �as�will and I dlreat that he shal2 not be requlred ta give any bonc� as s�ch executorf <br /> Fo�urt�h: I hereby revoke aIl former wi11s made by me. � <br /> IN WITNES3 S�HEREDF, I have hereunto s�bseribed my name and de�lared this t0 be my last will and <br /> testament in the preaence of witnesses who have a�absaribed their names hereto at my reque�� and itt <br /> my presen�e, thls 2��h day of MaY, 1937• <br /> . arace M. garnham <br /> Si�ned, publl.�hed, ar�d declared by �a3.d t�atatri�, Graee M Farnham, as and for her Sast wil�. and <br /> �estament, in the presenee of us, who at her request, in her prese�ce, and in the preeence of each <br /> other, have her�unto subseribed our names as witnessea. <br /> Thomas Zacek <br /> �ter�3 a Zaaek <br /> EN�4R3EMENT: LAST WILL A1VD TESTAIKENT 4F aRACE M FARNHAI�I <br /> Thoma.s Zacek - Attorney <br /> HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA F I L E D MAY 19 19�-4 � CHAI3I,E8 B�SSERT COUN2'Y JUDGE . <br /> STATE �F NEBR,ASKA ) <br /> )��• CERTiF2�ATE OF PR4BATE OF T�TILL � <br /> AA��L CDUNTY ) <br /> At a Session of the Caunty Court held in the Co�nty Court F�oom in Grand Island, in said <br /> Gounty, on the l�th da,y of June A.D. , 19�1- � <br /> Present Charles Bossert �ounty Jud�� <br /> In the Matter o�' the Estate of <br /> araee M. Farnham , Deceased <br /> I, Charles Hos�ert, Jud�e of the Coun�y Caurt, 1A and for said Goun�y, dv hereby certify tha,t <br /> on the 19th day of May 19�1-, the 3nstrumen�t purporting to be the la.s� will and tes�ament of Grace � <br /> M. Farnham deceased, wa� filed for proba.te 1n �his Court. That on the l�th day ctf Jt1ne 194�, sald <br /> instrument to whieh this certificate is attached was duly prove8., proba�ed and �llov�ed as� '�he las'� <br /> will and '�estament of the real and personal estate of said 4raee M. Farnham deceased, and the same <br /> was ordered �o be recorded 3n the records of the Go�rt aPoresaid. - <br />