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��l�J <br /> NO. 9 HALL, COUNTY <br /> To Axel Larsen in fee simple title, and distribution thereof ia hereb� aceordingly made. <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> In thg County Co�rt of Ha1l Cot�nty, Nebraska <br /> �ertificate <br /> STAT� OF NEBAA3RA, <br /> ;s�. I, Charles Bossert County Judge o! Hall Coun�y, Nebraska, da hereby <br /> � COt7N'�'Y ) certify that I have compared the foregoing copy oY Last Will and <br /> Testament, CertiYicat� of Prob�te and Final Decree - �N THE MATTER"9�I� <br /> TFiE ESTATE OF ELLA LARSEN, DECEASED, with the original record thereoP, now remaining in said Qour�, <br /> tha� the �ame is a correct transeript thereof, and of the whole oY such original record; t3aat said <br /> Cotu*t is a Court of Record haning a seal, which se�.l is hereby attaahed; that said Court has no <br /> �lerk authorized to sign certlflcates in his own name. and that I am the legal �uatodian of sa3d <br /> Seal and ot the Recor�s o� said Cour't, and tha� the foregoing attestation is in due Yorm of lax. <br /> IN TESTTMONY WHEREO�' I hereunto set mq hand and affixed the seal oP the County Court, a'� <br /> arand I�land, �hi.s 19th day o� Jul� 19�9• - <br /> �SEAL} C�haunes Busaert �I <br /> Y � <br /> Filed �'or reeord this 19 daq of July 19�9, a'� 5�00 0 �elock P.M. <br /> �'�r�,� (��,� <br /> /� /'� Reg ster of Deedsr,/ ' <br /> Q�r O"�Q�V+O�r Q`�O�Q'�V�'O�'Q�'O�O�0.�0.�0�0�O'�O'�V"�0'�O'�Q�O'�O�O"n0'�V�O'�0"�0'�O�O�O�Q�O'�O'�Oro�0�'O'�O'�0�0'�'0�'0'�0"�0�0 <br /> FIAtAL DECREE <br /> IN THE �DUNTY C4URT OF HALL COUNTY, NEHR.ASKA. <br /> ZN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE � � <br /> OF � _ ) FINAL DECREE <br /> KATHLE�IV C. KOEHLER, DECEASED ) <br /> NoN on this 29th. daq of June, lg4g, this cauae eame on Yor hearing qn the Final Report of <br /> Edward L. Kaehler, Administra'�or of the estat� of Kathleen C. Koehler, Deeeased, and it appearing <br /> to '�he Court Prom the prooPe on Pile that notice ha.s been �iven to all interested persons of '�he <br /> Yilin� oY said repor�, as required by law and by the order of this court, aMd i� Yurther appearing <br /> to the Coc�t after full examination, that the aacount exhibited by the said administrator is cor- <br /> rect in a11 thin�s and ought to be approved and allowed, and it further appearing that said ad- <br /> ministrator has aecounted t'or all oP the estate whi�h has aome into his hands, It Is ', <br /> THEREF�RE �RDERED, ADJ'EJD((�ED AND DECREED �hat the report of the said Edward L. Koehler, ' <br /> administrator of the estate oP said Kathleen C. Koehler, d�ceased, be and the same ia hereby ', <br /> approved as and Por his F3na1 Report. <br /> The court ft�rther flnd� that notice was �iven . to all ereditors af said e�tate in �he manner <br /> provided by law, oP the da.te and place Yixed for presen�in� claims a�ainst the estate o� said <br /> deceased; that time for filin� claims has expired; that a11 elaims filed and alloxed against sa�.d <br /> estate hav�e been fully paid and satiefied; that the funeral expenses, expensee of last illness of <br /> $aid deceased and costs of adYainistering said eatate have been fullq paid and that all out-atanding <br /> claims againat said eetate, not Piled, if any such there be, Po�ever barred and exaluded. <br /> IT Is THEREF"�RE ORDERED, ADJUD(�ED A�TD DECREED BY THE COURT, '�hat all persona are forever ba�red <br /> �rom filing or setting up any alairns or demands against the estate vP the aaid Kathlean C. Roehler, <br /> deQeassd, and that auah estate ia fully settled and closed. <br /> The Court further Yinds that the said Kathleen C. Koehler, deeeased, wa,a sometimes also known <br /> a� Kathleen S. Kvehler. <br /> 3'he eo�zrt f inda that the said Kathleen C. Koehler, died leaving as her onlq heirs at law, 't�ie <br /> Pollor�ing peraons, xo-wit: Edward L. Ko�hler, her husband; Dolore� R. Koehler, a daug�tter, a minor; <br /> f3harlene g. Koehler, a cl,au�hter, a mi�vr; Nlyrtle M. Koehler, a daughter, a mSr�or; Edward L. Roehler, <br /> Jr., a son, a minar; Francie J. Roehler, a aon, a minor; Thomaa R. �0ehler, a son, a minors Sathlee� <br /> Koehler, a daughter, a mino�; Patriak J. Kvehler, a son, a minor; Donald D. Koehler, a son, a minor; <br /> Ellen E. Koehler, a dau�hter, a minor; all af whom a�residents ot' Ha1i County, 1Qebraska,. <br /> The Court finds �hat the anly prop�r�y left by the decedent ie the Yollowing described real <br /> propert�, to wit: An undlvided one hal� interest in Lot Fourteen (1�), Bloak Two (2), in Bo�gs 8� <br /> Hill�s Addition to the Gity v� Qrand T�land, Hall County, Nebraaka, and that said real property <br /> was the home�'�ead oP the decedent Ka'Chleen C. Koehler and her huaband Edward L. K�ehler, at the <br /> �Gime of the death oP the said Kathleez� C. Koehier, deceased, and that said property 8hould be set <br /> mtP to the said Edward L. Koehler, as his homestead. <br /> IT I8 THEREFDRE �RDEAED A�tD ADJUDf�ED BY THE C4URT that the following described real property <br /> ia th� homestead of Edward L�, Koehler, the husband of Kathleen C. 8oehler, �leoeaaed, ta-wit: Lot <br /> Fourteen (14), Bloek Two (2) , in Boggs & Hill�e Additian to the City of arand Island, Hall Coun��+, <br /> Neb�aska. <br /> The antu�t �urther f3nds that the said Kathleen C. Koehler, di.ed siezed in Yee aimple title aa <br /> Q�ner of a onehalY undivided interest in the tollowin� re�l �atate to�ts Lot Fourteen (14), <br /> Bloak 3'r�o (2), in Bogga & Hill�s Addition to the City oP arand Island, Hall Co�nty, �tebraaka. <br /> That in a�cordance v�ith the la�s ot the State oP Nebraska, said real proper�y deacsended and <br /> passe� in manner and Porm as Follows, to�rit: <br /> ��`o Edward L. Roehler, husband of the deQeased a �ne Tliird (�.�3� interest. <br /> To Dolores R. Koehler, daughter, a One Yi�teen�h (1/15) In�ereat. <br /> To Charler�e F. Koehler, a dat�ghter, 4ne fif�eenth (1/15� Intereat. <br /> To M3rrtle I�. Roehler, a daughter, One �iPteenth (1/1 ) Interest. <br /> Tv Edwrad L. Koehler, Jr. a soa, One Yifteenth (1/15� Interest. <br />