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��:1� <br /> WILL AND DECREE RECORD <br /> R8081—The Auguatine Co., Grand Ieland, Nebr. <br /> STATE �F AIEBRASKA ) <br /> )$e. CERTIFICATE 0�' PROBATE �F WILL <br /> H�LL �DUNTY ) <br /> At a Session of the County Court held ir� the County Court Room in t�rand Island, in said Cot�n�y, � <br /> on the 17th day o� Ja�tt��aarg A.D., 19�6 <br /> Prese�'� Charlea Hossert County Judge <br /> In the Matter of' t�he Estate of <br /> Ella Lar�en , Dec�a�sed <br /> I, Charles Bc>ssert, Judge of the County Cc�r�, 3n and. t'or said C�unt9, da hereby Qe�tify th�� <br /> on �a.e 21st day of December 19�5, the ins�r�ment purporting �o be the last �rill and testament of <br /> Ella Larsen de�eased, xas Piled for�rob�t� in �hi.s Court, That on the 17th day oP January 19�6, <br /> aaid instrument �o which �his certiPi�ate is attaehed was duly prov�d, pr�sba�ed and allowed as the <br /> last will and testament oP the real a,nd pe�$ons,l eetate of saSd Ella LarseA deceaeed, and the a�me <br /> �as ordered to be recorded in the reQOrds ot' the Court aforesaid. <br /> IN �IITI�1E88 WHEREO�' I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the Co�nty Court, this <br /> 17th day of January 19� <br /> (g�,) Charle� Bassert <br /> HALL �OtJNTY, NEBRAB�A F I L E D JAN 17 19�6 oun y u ge <br /> CHARLES BOSSERT COtTniTY JtTD(�E <br /> I�T THE fl��1TY ��URT 4F HAZ.L COtTIx1TY, 1dEBRASRA <br /> IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE <br /> pF F� DE, C�E <br /> �,La. �sEx, � <br /> T�eceasea. ) <br /> A1o�r on thia 19th da�► cP Jtu�e, 1946, this eause came on f4r hearing upon '�he Pinal report " <br /> filed herein by Axel Larsen, eaeQUtor oP the estate of Ella I�arsen, deceased, and upp� his appllea- <br /> t3on �or '�he approval arnd allowaAOe of said �eport, settlem�r�t of said ee'�ate and hia disch�rge a� <br /> exeou�Gor of said estate, and �he Co�t havita� examined the �ilea ar�d recorda herein and bein� Pull� <br /> advised in the premise�, Pindst ' <br /> Tha'� on the 21st day of December, �945, A�cel Larsen filed bis petl�lon in this Court alleging <br /> that Ella La,�sen departed this life ir� Hall Cc�unty, �iebraska om tY�te 6th day of Decemb�r 19�5, she <br /> beir� a reeident �..nd inhabitant o�' eaid County and leaving a Last Joint �ill and Testament in whic�h <br /> Axel Lars�n is named executor thereat', whi�h iMStrument h� ofPered �0r probate as the Last T�ill ar�d <br /> Testament oF said deaeased and asking that he be appoin'�ed exeeutor thereof; that up0u rea8ing a�d <br /> filing said petition, this Cotart en�e�ed an order fixin� a time a�d place t'or hearing said peti�ion <br /> and givin� notice thereof as prowided by law, and said ma'Gter oomin� or� to be hear�t at '�he time <br /> Pix�d by the Co�t, sa,id inst�ument was duly admitted t0 probate by this Court as the La,�t Will and <br /> Testament aP said deeeased, and the Court thereupo� isst�ed letters of ac�mini�tra�ion to '�he said <br /> A�cel Larsen. - <br /> That due and 1ega1 notice has been gi�ven to all pe�sans af the time and plaQe �'iged by th� <br /> Cour� �f'or Yili�g claims against sa.�d .estate, and all elaims t�ot Piled �rithin the time fixed by <br /> the Gourt, if any sueh therE be, �'iould be foreeer barred, excluded and en�oined trom setting up or <br /> asserting any suoh alaims aga�nst sa3.d es�ate. <br /> Tha� the deaeased departed this liPe leaving as her heira at lax, and oaly h�irB at 1a.x, <br /> devisees, legatees, and persons entitled to sMare in her es�ate the follmwing r�a�ed pers0ns: A�cel <br /> Larsen, �fidower, ever twenty-one (21� years of age. <br /> �iat the de�eased departed this �life tY�e owner in Pee elmple t9.tle in and to �he %ollo�ri�,g <br /> real e�tate situated irt Hall COUnty, Nebraska, �o wit s <br /> ar� �ndivide8 one-h�,lf (�) interest in Let Six (6) ir� B10ck Three �3) in Hannfs Seeoud <br /> Addition to the City ot' t3rand Ieland, �?ebra�ka, <br /> and �hat said real estate hereinbefore deseribed did pase and desaend urider the terms of the La.�t <br /> Will and Testanten� as follmws: <br /> . <br /> To Axel Larsen in Pee almple '�itle. <br /> That all o�' th� alaims filed in eaid eatate have been fully paid a�d satisYied, and the Cotu•t <br /> t'ur�her finds tha�C there ia no ir�heritariQe tau d�e the State ot' Nebraska or �Ghe United States. <br /> That the f inal report Piled herein is t�ue ar�d eorreat in all thi�gs and that the same should <br /> be appraved and allowed as and for his f�.n8l repnrt in said es�ate, said estate settled <br /> In the�Coun�y Cour�t oP Hall County, Nebraska <br /> In the Ma.tter of the E�tate of Ella Larsen, DeQeased, <br /> Final Decree <br /> Page 2. <br /> and closed, and said executor and his oPPicial bondsmer� discha,rged and released from any further <br /> liabil3ty in eaid matter. � <br /> IT IS, THEREF�RE, pRDERED, ADJUDaED AND DECREED BY THE CDURT that all peraons hav3�g claim� <br /> against said estate, no� tiled within the t3me fiued by the COUrt, iP any .sueh there be, are <br /> fo�ever barred, exaluded and en�oined Prom setting up o� asserting ara� such alaims against said <br /> estate, and that the final report filed herein by Axel Larsen be and the same he�eby is in all <br /> thin�s approved and allov�ed as and Por said execu�or's �inal report, said esta'�e s�ttled and <br /> closed, and sa,id executmr and his sure'�y on his 0fficial boMd are he�eby r@leased f'rom ara� furthe� <br /> liabili�y in eaid ma.tter. <br /> IT I9 FURTHER ORDERED, A DJIIDaED AND DECREED $�.-THE C�tJRT tha,t the real es�ate hereinbefore <br /> described did pass and descer�d under and by virtue a�' the terma of the Last W�,11 and Testament of <br /> the .sa3d E11a Larsen, deaeased, as follows: <br />