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4-c/s� <br /> NO. 9 HALL� COUNTY <br /> Lot One (1), in Hloa�C Six (6), Hillside Addition �o Ord, Va11ey Co�nty, Nebraska, <br /> Lc�t Three �3), in Blvak Ten (10), in Rusael �Theeler�� Addition to the C1�9 oP Grand <br /> Island, Hall County, �tebraeka, <br /> Lota Nine (9) and Ten �l�), in Bloek Four (�) , in ailbert�s Addition to the City of <br /> Qrand Island, Hall �a�r�ty, Nebraska, <br /> 3 <br /> The �ast Half �E�) 0f �t One (1); the East Hal�' (E!�) of' Lot Two (2); and the south <br /> Eighteen (1�) Pes'� of t�he East HalP (E�) of Lc�t Three �3), in Bloak Seventeen (17), <br /> ot Packer and Barr�s 9e�and Addi�Giom to the City of Qrand Island, Nebraska., <br /> The West �ne half (Ti�) oP Lot� One (1 and Two (2), and the South Ei�hteen (1�) fee� <br /> of the Weat Half (�} oP L0t T21res (3�, Block Seventeen (17) , in Pa�ker de Baxr�s <br /> Seaond Additi�n �o the City of arand Ieland, Nebra�ka, <br /> F'ractional Lo� Five (5�, ln Block Fourteen (14) , of the Bonnie Brae Addition t0 arand <br /> Island, ,and F�aeti0nal Lot Fi�e (5), 1A Block Three �3), oP Arnold and Abbott �s Addition � <br /> to the To�rn or arand Is�and, <br /> Irc�ts Two �2) a,nd Four (�), in Bloak Eighteen (1�), i� Scarff�s Additio� to We�t Ia�ra, <br /> in the City ot' arand Island, Nebraska, ' <br /> and tha.'G the same did pa8� and deaaend, u�der the terms of the Last Will and Tes�� of the de- <br /> aeaeed, to Iaa Ire�a I)arling. : <br /> IT IS FURTHER 4RDERED, AD�'IIDt3�ED AA1D DECREED BY THE COURT, that the Final Report of the 8oinge <br /> ot' �the exeoutrix is true and aorreest and said executria and her bondsmen are hereby released and <br /> dischargeS from any and all liabilit�. <br /> ' Charies Bo�sert <br /> In the Co�nty Conr� ot Hall County, Nebraska <br /> CertiFicate <br /> STATE OF NEBRA3KA, <br /> ss. I, Gharles Bc�asert County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby <br /> HALL COUNTY certiPy that I h�ve csompared tha foregaing oopy ot' Last Will and <br /> Testament, Cer�i�laate ot' Probate thereoF and Final Decree - IN THE <br /> MATTER �F" THE EST�TE �F FL�YD L. DARLTAIG, DECEASED, with '�he original record thereor, �o�r remair�- <br /> ir�g in sai� Court, tha,t the same is a correcst transcript thereof, and of the whole oP such , <br /> origiaal record; that said Court is a Cour� oY Record haeing a seal, �rhiah seal is hereto attached; ' <br /> that asid Court has no Clerk authorized to sign certifiQates in his own name, and tha'� I am the ', <br /> legal cuatodia� of saiS Seal and of the Recvrds of said Cou�t, and that the foregoing atteatation � <br /> is in due f0rm of la�. <br /> I�T TESTIM01�1Y WHERE�F I have hereunto a�t my hand and aYPixed the seal of the Cvunty Cot�'�� <br /> at arand Ieland, this 16th day of July 19�9• - <br /> (SEAL) Cha.rle s Bo s ser'� <br /> oun�9 udge. <br /> Filed for reeord th1.s 19 day ot �'u1.y 19�9, a� �s3� o�cloak A.M. ', <br /> �U , <br /> ega ero/� e /� <br /> O�'���0��Rl'�O�0�0"�O�Q�O'�O'�0�Or�o�o�O�O"'�Q�O w�Q�O�O'�0'�O�O'�0�v�0�Or O�0'�0'�0'�Or O�O�O�O�V'�Q�Q�V�V'�O�O'rV�O <br /> LA3T WILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> JDINT LABT WILL AND TESTAMENT OF AXEL LARSEN AIJD <br /> ELL+A LARSEI�dd <br /> We, Axel Lars�n and Ella Larsen hnaband and w1.fe, of Ha].1 Co�nty, Nebraska, bo�h being of <br /> eound mind and dSsposing memory, do hereby, publish, and dealare thia to be our Jcint an8 <br /> ��tual V�ill in aanner and form following, that is to say; and we hereby revoke any and all forme� <br /> �ills by either of us <br /> I. <br /> The firat to die directs that his or her �uneral expenses, ,�ust debts, and costs and eapenses <br /> oi administerlr�g his or her ea�ate be flrst paid. <br /> II . <br /> The first �a die hereby givea, devises, and bequeathe to the survivor, abaol�te and Porever, <br /> the remainder of his or her es�Gate, both �eal and persona.l, in Pee simple title, and to his or, her <br /> helr �orever. <br /> III <br /> IA ease '�he �oint makers of this Will should die at or about the time,or in aase the;�sur- <br /> vivor should not live long enaug�i to probate the Will of the first to die, �hen and in such case, <br /> t}ae �oint ma,kers oY thle will hereby make the Pollo�ring diatributior� of their property and of �he <br /> property� of each of t�h.em to wSt: that all of t;he said property, bcth real an8 peraonal, shall <br /> descend acevrding to the lawa of descent under the statutes of the State of Nebraska. �t �he time <br /> oY the death of the subscribers here'�o. <br /> iv <br /> The t'irst one to die hereby appotn'�s and nomina.tes the other par�p hereto as e�cecutor or <br /> exeoutrix as the ea�e ma.y be o�' thie Laet Joint Will and Te�tament. I1� WIT2�E88 WfiERE01�, we <br /> hereto set our hands this 23rd day of November, 19�5• <br /> Henry Linderksmp Jr• Auel Larsen <br /> �r�ese ce arse�, Testator <br /> Mr�. Her�r Linderkam Jr. Ella Lar�en <br /> nesa $!�`a,rgen, Teatatri.x <br /> Wa, �rhose names are hereunto subscribed do he�eby csertit'y that Axel Larsen, xesta�or, and Ella. <br /> Larsen, testatrix, subscribed their namea to this inst��tment ir� ot�r pre�e�ce and in the presence <br /> oP eaQh oP �s ancl declar�d at the same time in our preaence and hearir�g that ,-'�his instrument wae <br /> the3r �oint and mutual Last Will and Testament and, vre at thelr request a.nd at the reque$t of <br /> eaah o thea� hereby sign our names hereto in t�ieir presence as attesting �ritnesaes. <br /> ,I�3enr�Linderkanm� Jr. i�Jrrs. Henr Linderkam Jr. <br /> r�c�I s�"I���e'hra�a ran s d, Nebrsska <br /> HALL G�iT�TTY, �TLHRABKA F I L E D DEG 21 19�'j CHARLES BOSSERT COUNTY Jl7DaE <br />