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��� <br /> WIL,L AND DECR�� RECORD <br /> 28081—The Auguatlae Co., Grapd Island, Nebr. <br /> 1�MENDED__ETAIAI� DECREE; ETC. <br /> capy LAST '41ILL AhtD TESTAP�EI�TT <br /> OF <br /> CHARLES B. r�70DESTTT <br /> IN THE �?Ar2E OF GOD, Ai��EN. <br /> I, Charles B. Modesitt, of Grand Island, Ha11 County, Nebraska, being of sound mind and disposing <br /> mer�ory, ar�d cor�sidering the uncertainty of this mortal life, do hereby make, publish and declare <br /> this as an� ior my last will and testament� in �he manner and form following, that is to say; � <br /> FIRST <br /> I direct that my funeral ex_penses, tne eypenses of my last sickness and ali of my ,�ust debts <br /> be paid oL�t of mST property as soon after my decease as conveniently� may be. <br /> SECQND � <br /> I give, dev�.se anci bequeath unto my beloved wife, Nettie Modesitt, my residence property <br /> situate an Lot Ei;;ht (�) , Block One Hundred Eighteen (11ES) of Ra�lroad Addition to the Gity of <br /> Granc? Islan�., 1V'ebraska, also known as 90Z� �^lest Second Street, in the sa3d city of Grand Tsland, <br /> Nebras'_�a, to have and to hold fer and durin�; her natural life w�.th remainder over to my ;rand- <br /> children, Kathleen A-TOdesitt, Eugene T�Iodesitt, Leland Z�Zoc�esitt and Carline r�Todesitt �.n eaual share� <br /> in �ee simple, provided, hotRrever, �nat if my said wife remarr;� after my death, then and in that <br /> event her said life estate is to terminate u�cn such remarriage and my sai�, grar�dchildren, <br /> Kathleen T�Zodesitt, Eugene r-�oc7esitt, Leland P-Zodesitt and Carline I��odesitt are to receive the full <br /> estate at saic? time. The in�ention being to give to my said wi�e the income, use and profits of <br /> my said residence pro�erty �'or life and an undi�rided one-fourth in�erest 3.n the fee simple title <br /> to said premises is to go to Kathleen ��odes�.tt, Eugene I�Ioc�, Leland Modesitt and Carline <br /> r�7odes3.i,t, re5pectively, sub,ject to s�,id life estate. Tf, hoti�Tever, my wif e remarry, then upon <br /> remarria�e her �_ife estate snall become forfeited and the absolute title to said premises vest <br /> immediately 3.n my saict grandch3.ldren. <br /> I further, devise and bequeath unto m said wife the Half of tn.e Southeas� Quarter <br /> (E�SEE�) of Section TttiTelve (12) Township Ten �10�, North, Rat�ge Eleven (11) , �Test of the 6th P.1�2. ; <br /> also the East Ha.lf of the Nor�heast Quarter (E�NE4) of Section Thirteen (13), Tawnship Ten (10), <br /> North, Range Eleven (11) , ��lest of the 6th P.P�i. , exce�t the tY��ree �3 ) acre stri� off the south <br /> corner thereof alread�,r sold by me �o Andy ?^Tilkinson, al1 of said nroperty being �n Hall County, <br /> Nebraska, to have and hold to her und her heirs forever. The above devises �Go my wife are in <br /> 1.ieu of dower or any st��u�ory interest she may have in and to my property because of our marriag� <br /> relat3.onship. <br /> THS RD. <br /> I give, devise anc� bequeath to my son, Hubert Modesitt, the Northwest Quarter- (Nti�4) af Section <br /> Thirty-six (3b) , Township Eleven (11� , North, Ranbe Eleven (11) , U,1est of the 6th P.P�2. Iti Hall <br /> County, Nebraska, to �ave and �o ho1�. the same to him and h�.s heirs forever in fee simple. � <br /> I furt�zer give, devise and bequeath unto r�y said son, the aforenam_ed Nubert I��odesitt, the <br /> sum of Six Hundred (�600.00) Doll_ars in cash to be paid '�o him out oi rny � estate. <br /> FOUI�TH. <br /> I give, devise anu bealue�tr? unto r�y branddaughter Kathleen Niodesitt, t:ze Nort'_� Half of the <br /> Southeas� �uarter (��SE4) ar�d t�e Soutneast �uarter of the Southeast Quarter (SE�SE�) a11. in <br /> Section T�TO (2 ) , Towns'nip Ten (10) , North, Ra�zge Eleven (11) , Z�ues� of the 6th P.2�. in Ha11 Coun�y, <br /> iTebras'�a, to 1�tive a:�cl to hoZd the same t� her and her foraver in. fee simple. <br /> FIFTH. <br /> I give, devise an�� bequeath unto my son, Carl ��Todesit� tne Southwest Quarter (SS���) of Section <br /> T1lirty six (36) in Tati�rnship '�1.even {l�) , North, RanJe Eleven (il) , ;#Jest of the 6th P.I�Z. in Hall <br /> County, PJebraska, �o :?ve an�. to holc? to hir� and 'nis 1=eirs forever in fee simple. <br /> SIXTH. <br /> I give, dev�se and bea�ueath to �ny three (3) grandchildren, Eugene P<Zodesitt, Lelana 2�2odesitt, <br /> and Carline r•7odesit�, c�.ildren o� my son Carl P��Todesi�t, the sum of Tnree hundred Dollars (�300.00) <br /> each to be paid to the�� out of My personal estate. <br /> SEVE^�1TH. <br /> I hereb;� aut�lorize anc? d�.rect th�,t my execu�or, hereinafter r��med, shall dispose of all my <br /> �na,res of bank stock in the �or�merci�,l State Bank of Grand Island, Nebraska; also in the Comnierc3.a1 <br /> �a.nk o� Grand Isl�,nu, Nebras��a, anc� �n.e proceeds �herefrom shall be disposed of by me in the <br /> residuary clause of this my last w311 and testament. <br />� � EIGHTH. - � <br /> All the �^est, residue, and rem�inder of my said property, rea1, personal or mixed, I <br /> noti�r have or rnay ner�a,fter acquire, and �rherever situ�te Z give, clevise and bequeath unto my beloved <br /> �rife, �de�tie Moc�esit�, to have and to hol�. a'r�solutely and forever. <br /> NINTH. <br /> I hereby naTM�e, nomi�a;e and �,p�oint ny son Carl T�iodesitt to be my executor of this my Las'� <br /> W311 and Testan�n�, to serve Z�Tithout aeing required to give bond anc�. to act without receivin�; com- <br /> pensation for sl.�ch services, hereby revokine any and al.l forme-r wills and testaments by me made. <br /> IN WITTdESS VJH:�EOF, I have hereun�o subscri�aed my name separately on e�.ch of the four sheets <br />� of this t�rill and tes�amen�, at Grand Is1an�, Hall Gounty, Nebras��a, this 12th day of October, 1938. <br /> (s) Charles B. T2odesitt <br />�f` <br /> �:�Te, whose namea are r�e-reunto subscribed, c�o hereb�T certify and attest that Charles B. Modesi'�t, <br /> the testator, subscribed his narne to this ins�ruraent consis� of four �ypewritten pages in our <br /> preserlce and in t1�e presence of each of us, and declared at the sa,me tii:�e in our presence and hear- <br /> ing that �his instrument �Tas his Last SAt3,11 and Testamen�, and we at nis request si�n our names <br /> hereto in his presenee and 3.n the presence of each oth�r as tiaitnesses. <br /> (s) Cora Hanover Grand Island TJebraska <br /> Name Ad ess <br /> ( s) ��m. rflullen Grand Isl�.nd, Nebrask_a <br /> aMe d ess <br /> STATE OF i�dEBRASKA ) <br /> )ss. CERTIFICATE OF PROnATE OF SrTILL � <br /> HALL C OUN T`.L ) <br /> A�G a Sess3.on of the Co�ant;� Court nel�. in the Caunty Court Room �.n Grand Islan�., in said <br /> Count,y, on the 6�h day of Jar,u�.ry A. D. , 19�-3 _ <br /> In the l�latter af the Estate of <br /> Present Paul i�. Kirk County Judg�- <br /> Ch�,rles B. ��Todesitt, Deceased - <br /> , <br /> _ . _ . .. sa. _ . <br />