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�V� � <br />��� � � � � NO. 9 HALL COUNTY � <br /> a son, both noti�r residents of Ca�ifornia and that the said Albert 0. Rotiv, at the time of his death <br /> z�r�.s seized 3.n fee sirnple of t'r�e foll.ot�rin� described real estate, to-t.y-it : <br /> Lots Five and Six (5 & 6) , in Block One (1) , in �^Tindolph� s Addition to the City of Grand <br /> Island, Hall County, Nebraska ,, <br /> II and that under and by virtue of the terms of said Last Will and Testanent of Albert 0. Row, deceased ' <br /> said property was devised, in fPe sir�ple, to Grace Longhurst, his daughter, and Jay L. Rot•r, his � <br /> son, and the rest, residue and remainder of his estate to Grace Longhurst, daughter, and J�.y <br /> L. Rot�r, his son, after the bayment of a legacy of �150.00 to Father Flana.gant s Boy� s ?�ome , of <br /> Omaha, Nebraska, ti,rhich legacy the Court finds has been r�aid by the executor herein, and a 1e�acy <br /> in the sum of �500.00 to C1ara Rensberger, which legacy the Court f'�nds should be paid at this <br /> time by the executor. <br /> The Court further finds that the inheritance tax due under and by virtue of the laws of the <br /> State of Nebrasl�a amounts to �87.52 and the e�ecutor is directed to pay said tax before any d�s- <br /> tr3.but3.on is made of �he ba,].ance of �he �ersona,l property in his hands. <br /> The Court further finds that the sum of �808.7b is a reasonable attorney� s fee to be a1low�d <br /> �o Thomas ti�1. Lanigan, as attorney for said estate and representing the execu�or and the special <br /> I . , <br /> admin3strator of �azd estate and that s id amount less an ti�a ments made should be aid to nim <br /> a , Y _ Y , p <br /> at this time. <br /> The Court further finds that the sum of �.501.76 should be allot�red as executor� s fee to <br /> George Monson for actin�; as special administrator and executor of said estate and that said amount, <br /> less any �ayments made, should be paid to him_ a.t this time. <br /> TT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED, ADJUDGED ANll DECREED BY TN� COURT that the final report of George <br /> Monson for acting as executor of tlie estate of Albert 0. Row, deceased be, and the same is, hereby <br /> , <br /> ut r o d e t t <br /> �roved nd lo� ed n or th r ort of d e:�ec o f sai s a e <br /> apl a a,Z ir as a d f e fznal ep sai . <br /> TT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that all persons having claims <br /> a.gQinst �he estate of the said Albert 0. Row, deceased, if any sucn there be, are forever barred, <br /> en�oin�d arld e��cludea froni setting up or assEr�ing any such claims against said estate. <br /> IT IS FUR.THER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that the above descr�.bed real <br /> estate be, and the hereby is, set over under the terms of tne Las� Will and Testament of the <br /> a <br /> . <br /> said Albert 0. Row, deceased, to Grace Longhurst and J�.y L. Ro�, share and share al.ike, in fee <br /> simple forever. <br /> IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, A.DJUDGED AND DECREED BY TN� COURT that the exeeutor herein be, and <br /> he herebST �.s, ordered to �ay the leg�,cy of �500.00 '�o C1ara Rensberger and f ile her receipt there�'or. <br /> IT SS FURT�-iER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE COURT tnat the furniture and furnishings <br /> in the apartment house located on the above described real esta�e be, and the same 3.s, hereby set <br /> over, in equal shares, to Grace Longhurst and Jay L. Rot,r. <br /> IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUD�3ED AND DECREED BY THE COURT that the executor be, and he is, <br /> hereby directed to pay to Thom�.s t:�. Lanigan, at�orney for said estate and for said executor and . <br /> f or special administra�or of said estate, tne sum of �508.76, being the ba1 ance due him; and to <br /> George Monson, executor, a bal.ance due of �201.7b, same being the balance due him on fees as <br /> e���cutor and specia.l admin3.strator. <br /> IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AP1D DECREED B�' THE COURT that the executor be, and he hereby <br /> �.s, directed to pay the County of Ha11 th� sum of �87.52 as inheritance tax on said estate. <br /> 0 0 t <br /> TT IS FURTHER RDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE C URT tha af�er the payment of the Court <br /> costs, attorney� s f ees, executor� s f ees, the �.nheritance tax to the County of Ha11, and the <br /> legacy �o Clara Rensberger, t�at a1�. all of the personal property in the hands of the executor <br /> shall be distributed, in equal parts, to Grace Longhurst and Jay L. RoZ,t and at the time of the <br /> distribution of said personal pro�erty said e�.ecutor shal.l take into consideration, in his divislon <br /> thereof, any advancements made to Grace L:onghurst and Jay L. RoT�r, either 3;n the form of money or <br /> proper�y turned over to them. <br /> IT TS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED BY THE C OURT 'th�.t this matter be continued f or <br /> the filing of a supx�lemental report of the executor and for a sul�plemental decree discharging him, <br /> and that said be had on the 8th day of July, 1g�q, and executor is hereby permitted to <br /> make partial distribution at this time to Grace Longhurst and Jay L. Rot�r. <br /> BY THE COURT: <br /> CHARLES BOSSERT <br /> , <br /> County Judge. <br /> I IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> CERTIFICATE <br /> STA�'E OF NEBRASKA, ) <br /> )SS I, Cha.rles Bossert County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby <br /> HALL COUNTY ) certify tha� I h�ve compared the foregoing copy of Last Will and Testa- <br /> ment, Certifica�e of Probate of �rTill aand Decree - IN TI-3EE MATTER OF THE <br /> ESTATE OF ALBERT 0. ROW, DECEASED, i�rith the original. record thereof, now remaining in said Court, <br /> tha� the same is a correct transcript thereof, and of th� Z,rhole of such original. record; �hat <br /> sa3d Court is a Court of Record 'naving a sea�, z�rhich sea]= is hereto attached; that sa3.d Court <br /> has no 01erI� authorized to sign certificates in his oti�m name, and that I am the legal custodian <br /> of said Sea1 and of �he Records of said Court, and �hat the fore�oing attestation is in due form <br /> of la�r. <br /> IN TESTIMONY ti�T`r�REOF I have hereunto se� my hand and affixed the seal of the County Court, <br /> a� Grand Island, this '7�h day of July 19�9. <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> (COURT) County Judge <br /> Filed f or record the 9 day of July ��E�) � �� � <br /> 19k9, at 8:j0 o� clock A.r�. G pF DEEDS <br />