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���) <br /> NO. 9 HALI� COUNTY <br /> The court furtizer finds t;ha.t: such decedent died in�estate on August 18, 191�7, leaving her <br /> surviving as her sale a-�d on�,y heirs-at-latr: no husband; George A. Waddington, Alvin Waddington, <br /> William J. �tadding�on, and Ear3 T�+Iaddington, sons; T�iaude Vanti^Tinkle, Mar� B. Randecker, dau�hters; <br /> VerA Thaden, Delmar Bissell, and Elsie Bissell, the children of Eva Bissell., a daug:nter of deceden't <br /> who died prior to decedent; such �ons, daughters and �randch�.ldren are the 3.ssue of the marriage <br /> of Gertrude P. Wadding�on to Oscar B. ��taddin�ton, deceased; Oscar VTaddington trho peti�ions here- <br /> in for a share in the es�at� of Gertrude P. ��Taddington, deceased, is not the son, issue or <br /> desc�dant of Ger�rude P. �'Taddin�ton, and is no� entitled to assignment of any ga.rt of the estate <br /> of Gertrude P. Z'�addington; the estate of such Gertrude P. Z�Taddington, deceased, and th� interest <br /> of the heira-at-law therein are respeetively of less value tha.n �10,000.00, and is and are not <br /> sub ject to inheritance tax under the 1a�rs of Nebras�La. <br /> IT IS, THEr�.EFORE, CONSIDERED, ORDERED A��D ADJUDGED '�hat: such estate and the shares of the <br /> heirs-at-law therein is and are not s�ab�ect to 3.nher3.tance tax under the laws of Nebraska; <br /> c�ertrude P. t'uaddin�ton died intestate on August 18, 1g�7, leaving �,s her �ole and only heirs- <br /> at-law the persons herein'Uef ore and hereinafter named; tne �ersonal property, and the rea� ._ <br /> �roperty of which deceased died se3.zed, namely: <br /> An undivided one-four�h (I/�th) interest in the northeas'� quarter and east half of south- <br /> west quarter of Section Nine (9) , To�*nship Eleven (11) , Range Twelve (l2) West of 6th P.M. , in <br /> Hall County in the state of Nebrask.a, 3.s assigned to such heira-at-law as follows: to George A. <br /> ��Iadd3.ngton, Maude VanV�dinkle, Alvin Wadding�on, ti'tilliaa:� J. Waddington, Mary B. Randecker and Earl <br /> Wadd3.ngton, an u�ldivided one-seventh each; �o Vera Thaden, Delmar Bissell and Elsie B3.s�e11, an <br /> und3.vided one-tti,renty-firs'� each. <br /> IT IS FURTHER ORDERED AI�TD DECREED that : Oscar Waddington is not an heir .at lat�r of sueh <br />� ' decedent and is not entitled �o assignment of any shaxe in her estate; the final account of the <br /> administrator i5 ap�roved, confirmed and allo�•red, and upon his filing in this court receipts f or <br /> distribution of the ba,l.ance of monies on hand, to the heirs-at-lat�r of Gertrude P. �faddington, <br /> p decea�ed, in the propor�ions aaove decreed he VTill be discharged from his trust as adrministrator <br /> of such estate and the sureties on his official bond relea,sed. <br /> BY THE C OUR.T: <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> J�'�?�L � <br />, IN THE C OtINTY C OURT OF HALL COUNTV, NEHRASKA <br /> ° CERTTFICATE <br /> � <br /> z <br />;';�, <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA, ) <br /> E )SS I, Cha.rles Bossert County Jud�e of Hall Count�, Nebraska, do her�by <br />'` HALL COUIVTY ) certify that I have coMpared the foregoing co�Sr of Final Decree <br /> entered IN THE r�IA.TTER OF THE ESTATE OF GER.TRtTDE P. WADDINGTON, <br /> DECEASED, jait�� tr�e orig3na,l record �Ghereof, no�•J remainin� in said Court, that t'r�e saxne is a <br /> correct transcript thereof, and of the ti,rhole of such original record; that said Court is a Court <br /> of R�cord having �, sea1, V.rhich seal is hereto attached; that said Cour� has no Clerk authorized <br /> �o sign certificates in hi� o,�rn na,me, and that I am the lega,l custodian of said Sea1 and of the p <br /> Records of said Court, and tha� tize foregoing at�estation is in due form of l�.w. <br /> IN TESTIP�IONY Z�TfiEREOF I have hereunto set my h�.nd and affixed tlle seal of the County Court, <br /> at Grand Island, t�zis 7th da.y of July 19�9. <br /> (COURT) Cha.rles Bossert <br /> (SEAL) County Jud�e. <br /> F�.led for record the 7 day of Jul�, l��q, �.� �:35 ot clock P.M. <br /> ��� ��� /� <br /> REGISTER OF DEEDS <br /> o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-a-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-a-o- <br /> LAST ��7TLL AP1D TESTAT�IENT <br /> L�ST 'vTTLL AND TESTAI��NT OF <br /> ALBE�.T 0. R0��1 <br /> I, Albert 0. Row, of Grand Islar,d, HaII County, Nebraskw being of sound and disposing mind <br /> and Memory do hereby, publ3.�h a,nd this my Last ��'il1 and Testament hereb�r e�pressly <br /> revoking all ti�rills and codicils heretofo�e by me made. � <br /> T_TEM I <br /> I nominate and �-��point George Monson of Grand Tsland, Nebrasl�a to be the executor of this <br /> my Last ?,�lill and Testament, to furnish such bond as the Court may deem proper. <br /> ITEM IS <br /> I direct that al�. of my ,just deb�s and the expenses of my last sickness a.nd funeral be first <br /> paid. � <br /> ITEM III <br /> 2 direct that my ehecutor purchase a suitable half Iot in the Grand Island Cemetery and <br /> purch�.se and er�ct a suitable ma.rker or monument to cost not 1es5 thwn Three Hunclred (�300.00) <br /> Dollars to be paid out of �v est�,te. <br /> ITEM IV <br /> I give and, bequeath to Father Flanna,gan� s Boys Home at Or�aha, Nebraska, the swn of vne <br /> Hundrea Fifty (�150.�0) <br /> ITEM V <br /> � give and bequeath to my s3.ster, Cla.ra Rensberger, of Lakeville, Indiana the sum of Five <br /> Hundred (�500.00) Dollars. <br /> ITEM VI <br /> Al1 the rest and residue of m�r esta.te of every kind a,nd nature I give, devise and bequeath <br /> on�o my son, Ja.�r L. Row of Ba,kersfiel, California and my daughter, Grace Longhurst, who not�r <br /> resides in a suburb of Los Angeles, C alif ornia, share and sha,re alike. <br /> TTEM VII <br /> If any person or persons to z�hom I have herein made bequests shall enter upon any contest of <br /> this Will, upon any ground whatsoever, such person or persone shall forfeit and lose th° provision <br /> ,___ __ <br />