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' `'#�?lJ <br /> WILL AND DECREE RE�ORD <br /> 28081—The Auguetine Co., (3rand Island, Nebr. <br /> Upon exU.r�ination of the record and the evidence in this matter and being duly advised in the <br /> premises, the Court finds as follo�rs: <br /> FIRST <br /> That Emma Schul��r departed this 13.fe on the 8th day of August, 1q37, in Ha11 County, Nebr- <br /> �.ska, 3.ntestate, and at the tir�e of her death she was a res�dent of Hall County, Nebraska� <br /> SECOND <br /> That on the llth day of September, 1°3'7, J'ohn Schuller, widower of said Emma Schuller, <br /> deceased, f iled 3.n this Court a petit3on praying for the appointment of said John Schuller as <br />`" � adminis�ra�or of the estate of sa�.d deceased, and on the llth day of Septembe�, 1937, an order of <br />� this Court was made therein, assigning the �th day of Oetober, 1937, a'� 10 a� clack a.m. at the <br /> County Court Room in said County as the time and place f or hear�ng said pe�it3.on, and ordering <br /> that no�ice of the pendency of said x�etition and hearin� thereon b� given to all persons inter�sted <br /> `=tin said matter by �ubliahin� said notice in the Grand Tsland Independent, a legal newspaper <br /> �` �printed in said County, for three successive ti�reeks prior '�o said day of he�,ring, and it ap�ears <br /> : ��by proof on fite that notice of said order was given as ordered by this Cour'�. <br /> f '� ' THIRD � ��u�r� <br /> ° The Court further finds that John namec# in said pe�Gition, V�as upon his/�aon� in th� <br />'� jsum of �300.00, as ordered by Court, appainted administrator as prayed; the Cour� further <br /> �'inds that the dece�.sed at the time of her death was married and �ha'� she left the following <br /> heirs-at-law: <br /> John Schuller, her widower, <br /> Dora Lacy, a daughter <br /> Albert Schuller, a son, <br /> Nancy Schul�.er, now NancST Dibbern, a daughter, <br /> George �", a son, a,nd <br /> Robert Schuller, a son, <br /> al1 of whom, exce�t�ng Robert Schul�er, are notr ov�r the of twenty-one ysars; said Robert <br /> Schuller having died on May 2S, 19�6. <br /> FOURTH <br /> That on the 5th day of October, 1�37, an was made herein allow�.ng credi'�ors three <br /> months from and after the 3rd day of November, 1937, in to f31e their claims against sa3.d <br /> est�.te and saic� administra�or one year in tirhich ta settle sa3d estate, and further ordering that <br /> a notice to creditors be published in the Grand Island Independent, a legal neVTSpaper published <br /> and cireulating in Hall County, Nebraska, for three �reeks �r3or to 3rd day of <br /> November, Z93�, and that a hearing on cZaims f31ed again�t said estate ��rould b� held at the offic� <br /> of the County Judg� of Hal1 County, Nebraska, on the 3rd day of February, 1938, at 9 o� clock a.m. , <br /> a.nd 3.t appears b;F proof on fi�.e that notice of said order was publ3.shed as ordered by th3,s Court. <br /> FIFTH <br /> The Cour� further finds �ha� on the l�th day of October, 1937, said John Schuller as adm�i.n- <br /> istrator filed in Court his inventory of the property of said es'Ga�e, and on tr�e llth day of <br /> Sept�r�ber, 19�8, he filed an am�nded inventor;� with �his Court, �aith a copy �hereof for the <br /> County Assessor of Ha11 County, Nebraska, of the property of said estate, and tha� accord3ng to <br /> sa3.d amended inventory the deceased d�.ed sei�ed and possess�d of the fo2lowing descr3.bed proper�y, <br /> towit: <br /> An undivided. one-f�.fth 3.nterest in and �o Lot Six (6) in Bloek One Hundred Twenty-seven (127) <br /> � in Koenig and Wiebe' s Addition to the City of Grand T�land, Nebrasl�a, su'p�ect to a l�.fe estate <br /> therein in favor of Dora Falldorf, which life estate terminated by her dea�h on July 12, 191�$; <br /> Mi�cellaneous personal property of �ne appro�imate value of �3,OOO.CO. <br /> SIXTH. <br /> The Court further finds that aceording to the latiJS o#' descent and distribution of the �tate <br /> of Nebraska, said property de5cends as f'ollot,rs: <br /> An undiv3.ded one-third snare thereof to John Sch:u�.ler, and <br /> An und�.vided 2/15 share tk�ereof to each of the follo�ring: <br /> Dor�, Lacy, A1.bert, Dibbern, George Schuller, Robert Schuller; <br /> tne Cou.rt further finds that on the �th day of Februar;�, 1938, an order of' �Ghis Court �aas made <br /> a1.�oti�,�ing the elaim o�' Livingston-Sondermann Funeral Home for funeral expensea of tne de ;ceased in <br /> �he sum of �391.�0 and barring a1.1 oth�r cla3.r�is a�ainst s�.id es�ate; the Gourt further find5 tha.t <br /> all debts and claims against said estwte, inc�udin� th� eo�ts of administration in said esta�e, <br /> have iaeen paid and that there remains in �he hancis of sa.3.d' adm�nis�r�.tor for dist�°�.but3:on`�io v�.in� <br /> ti�rhatsoever, he having made fu31 distri�ution af said estate according to la�r. <br /> SEVENTH, <br /> The Court further fir�ds that John Schuller was appointed administrator of the estate of said <br /> Robert Schuller, deceased, by the County Cour'� of Hall County, Ne�raska, in Estate No. 3990 in <br /> said Court, on t�ie 6th day of October, 19�8, and tiras entitled as such �o receive the share of th3.s <br /> estate of a�,id Robert Schu:Ller. <br /> EIGHTH. <br /> The Court further finc?s tha� after deducting from �he assets of said esta�e, a.1.1 o�her proper <br /> e�enaitures and th� statutory exempt3.ons a�lowed �he heirs-at-law in said e�tate, tnat said e5tate <br /> is j,rholly exempt from Federal Esta�e Ta.x and that �here is due and p�.yable to �he County Treasurer <br /> of Hall County, Nebra.s��a no inheritance tax vThatsoever, tn.e tota3. gross value of said estate b�ing <br /> �365b.5o. <br /> _. <br /> IT IS THEREFORE fJRDERED, ADJUDGED Ai�1D DECREED BY THE COURT that the final re�ort of Jo�.n <br /> Sc�ul�er, aclministrator h�rein, be and the �ame hereby i:�' approved" arid' alloti;red as such; fu'rt��.er <br /> that John Se?ZUller, Dora L�.cy, Albert Schuller, Nancy Dibbern, George Schuller, and Robert Scnuller, <br /> are all and the only heirs-a'�--law of dece�,sed, and that the properi,y descri�ed in Paragrap� - <br /> Fifth hereof, deseends according to the l�w� of descent and distribution of the State of Nebraska <br /> as found in P�,ragraph Si�.th of this d�cree; further that said estate havin�; been fully and com- <br /> pletely administered and distributed and receipts showing �he same being on fil� in this Court, <br /> that said John Schul�er l�e and he hereb�r is disch�.rged as administr�.tor, his bond released and <br /> said estate fully �ettled and closed. <br /> TN WITNESS �1�iEREOF T have heretznto set my hand and the seal of the Cou�ity Court of Ha11 <br /> County, Nebraska, this 29th day of June, 19�9� <br />' - Charles Bossert <br /> (SEAL) County Judge , <br /> ,.� <br /> . . . <br />� . ���._ ._ _ <br />